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  • Okay, so about the List of Lost References. You wrote: "If you want, I can point out why a lot of what you insist on adding isn't deliberate Lost stuff." Fine. I would love to hear it. Please explain. I'm listening.

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    • Thanks for answering. 

      As I've already written on your message wall: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you. As you point out, you do have a life outside this wiki, and I should have thought of that. Once again, I'm sorry. 

      I've read your comments about the list, and I agree with you. I won't put these back. I'm not American, and some of the things you mentioned were things I didn't know, but I guess I could have looked them up or something. 

      About abc.go: Well, these pages are from the show's official website, and are part of ABC's homepage, so this information is definitely meant to be official. 

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    • It's okay, I hope I didn't come off as harsh there. XD I just don't want you to think I'm ignoring when I'm just at work. XD

      And I know it can be pretty confusing with the cultural differences, so I'm glad I could clear some up. XD

      Not saying abc.go isn't "official", I just hate the way they do it. XD

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