Cami b vaz

  • I live in Account disabled.
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is Account disabled.
  • I am Account disabled.
A Spy in the Mirror
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  • It appears that you have used and abused four wikia accounts on this wiki.

    I have not blocked this account yet, since I wanted to give you a chance to reply, but all other three accounts are blocked.

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    • Hi, is Belle .

      Cam just told me that she is the reason I'm blocked ( Belle Mills account), I have beem using her account since I was blocked (this one). The Blair Waldorf accout was mine also, but Cam was the one voting, so please could you unblock my account( Belle Mills one). And than you can solve your problems with my sister. And plase remember that she isn't olg enought to be on wiki. But you can let she blocked, she deserves it. And I won't NEVER againg let she use anr of my account.

      And am I blocked on all wikis on only in this one?? I realle would like to know that. Thank you

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    • I am sorry, but I am blocking this acount too. Underage and sockpuppetry? No way. You are only blocked on this wiki.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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