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  • Glad to see a new member of the wiki. I saw that you defended my favorite OUaT villain (Jafar) on another forum. I personally feel that Jafar would be about on par with Zelena for many reasons. So, who's your favorite villain?

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    • I don't think she's evil. But I'm still suspicious of her. For a long time the residents of King George's kingdom were starving and Cinderella's fairy godmother was a patron to his family. So why weren't the fairies helping the starving peasants? 

      Also, Keegan Connor Tracy called her character shady on Twitter a few months ago.

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    • Did she? Hah. That I didn't know.... 

      Did Cinderella wish for the starving peasants to be fed? Specifically? I thought Rumple killed Cinderella's fairy godmother for her wand and used his "deals" to give Cinderella what she wanted. 

      Fairies only seem to help when asked. Cruel in some forms I guess. IDK. I would like it if the writers would concentrate on the fairies a bit more and clarify things. Ha. 

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