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Mayor Tomkins a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fifteenth episode of the first season and is portrayed by guest star Bill Dow.


Before First Curse

During one wolfstime when a fearsome wolf eats some of the villagers' sheep, Mayor Tomkins forms a hunting party to take down the beast. Before the hunting party set out for the night, he and the men stop by Widow Lucas' cottage to inform her of their plans. Widow Lucas' granddaughter, Red, expresses interest in participating, but her grandmother forbids her from it. Widow Lucas disagrees with Tomkins' plans, insisting it's better to let the wolf be since there are only two more nights of wolfstime. The next morning, the hunting party's mangled corpses are found near the village well, which prompts Tomkins holds a meeting, where he vows that the slaughter will be the last massacre of their people once the wolf is killed. Widow Lucas tries to dissuade them from going against the wolf by recounting the tale of her six brothers, who, despite being strong and grown, were all torn apart one many years ago. On the last night of wolfstime, Tomkins leads another hunting party to kill the wolf. Red, believing the wolf is her boyfriend Peter, instead discovers she herself is the wolf after she unwillingly shapeshifts and mauls him to death. Before the hunting party approaches, Widow Lucas protects Red by urging her to flee, which she does. Presumably, Tomkins and his companions find Widow Lucas with Peter's body, but it's not known what occurs after this. ("Red-Handed")


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