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There is something... A magic weapon with the power to shatter any prison. But it's terribly difficult to obtain.
Rumplestiltskin (Wish Realm) to Hook (Wish Realm) src

Maui's Fish Hook is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the thirteenth episode of the seventh season.

Maui's Fish Hook is based on the item of the same name from the Disney film Moana.


After Third Curse
To try and free his daughter from Gothel's Tower, Captain Hook returns to his home in the Wish Realm to ask Rumplestiltskin for help. Rumplestiltskin tells him of Maui's Fish Hook, which can break through any prison, and, in exchange for the information, requests that Hook free him once he acquires it. The Fish Hook is currently in the possession of Captain Ahab, whom Hook approaches at a bar. They gamble for it, Ahab offering the Fish Hook and Hook offering the Jolly Roger, and Hook comes out victorious. However, when he attempts to free Rumplestiltskin, Ahab, having followed him, mocks him for giving up his search for revenge. Enraged, Hook challenges him to a duel, leaving Rumplestiltskin trapped. Although Hook wins the duel, suffering a mere scrape across his arm, he realizes that he has failed to keep his promise to his daughter by not returning immediately and rushes back to her. However, before he can free her, he is knocked away from her by the power of the Curse of the Poisoned Heart, which was placed on him by Gothel using the bullet that nicked his shoulder. Gothel teleports Hook out of the tower as Alice cries for him to save her, then takes the Fish Hook with her as she leaves. ("Knightfall")
After Fifth Curse
Alice, now known as Tilly and free from the tower, manages to get her hands on Maui's Fish Hook. When she realizes Weaver and her father, Rogers, are in trouble in the Wish Realm, she, Margot, and Margot's mother Zelena head there to save them, eventually finding them sealed in a snow globe by Rumplestiltskin. Tilly manages to drop the Fish Hook into the snow globe, where Rogers finds it and uses it to break out. ("Leaving Storybrooke")


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