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Matt Kane is the British actor who portrays John on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Matt Kane was born on January 18, 1991[1] and grew up in Bristol, South West England[2] with an American mother and British father.[3] Educated at the The Castle School in Thornbury,[2] he began his acting training at the age of nine at the nationally known ITV West Television Workshop with Emma Thompson and Ken Loach as the workshop patrons. He played in numerous short films and stage productions and made his first appearances on nationally broadcast television.[3]

Matt is most well known for his main role as troubled heartthrob Stephen Mackinnon on BBC televised teen drama The Cut while juggling drama school at eighteen.[4] He has also been on the ABC hit drama Switched at Birth as ex-boyfriend to the main in-show character Daphne, Channel 4's Skins and BBC medical drama Casualty.


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