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I'm just going to the market down the road. Unless you start spinning straw into meals, I still need food to cook with.

Belle to Rumplestiltskin src

Marketplaces are a series of Fairy Tale Land, Land of Untold Stories and Wish Realm locations featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the fifth episode of the first season.


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Before First Curse

Martin and his wife, Myrna, put on a puppet show for people at an Enchanted Forest marketplace, while they have their young son, Jiminy, sneak around the crowd to steal everyone's belongings. Afterward, they both assess the stolen money and trinkets. Years later, the family arrives at another market. While setting up their puppet show, his parents talk about which scam to run next, but Jiminy interjects that they make enough from the puppet show. He begs his parents to stop their thievery but they don't listen. That night, a young boy under an umbrella approaches and shows great interest in puppets. The boy notices Jiminy is not happy and wonders why he doesn't just try something else. Jiminy responds that the life he's in is inescapable. They share a kinship for listening to crickets chirp; something Jiminy likes doing which he hasn't done in a long time. He tells the boy to hurry home, and before leaving, he receives the umbrella from the boy to help cover him from the rain. ("That Still Small Voice")

A young boy named Jafar begins an apprenticeship with a rough and unruly blacksmith who runs a business at the Lower Agrabah marketplace. One day, when the blacksmith is out of coal, he calls for Jafar, telling him that the fire is dying. Jafar tries to explain that he had to fetch more, but the blacksmith snaps at him for giving excuses. He considers throwing Jafar back to the gutter where he found him, while the boy meekly begs him not to. The blacksmith then punishes the boy by announcing he will go another night without food. While the blacksmith goes back to work, Jafar notices a commotion outside, where a woman has arrived at the market and everyone has either run or is cowering in fear of her. As Jafar continues to stare at her, the blacksmith urges him to stop looking, in fear of what will happen if the woman meets his gaze, but he does not listen. ("The Serpent")

Two former thieves, Jefferson and Priscilla, marry and settle down in the Enchanted Forest. After two years, their finances are drained. Priscilla has seen feathers for sale in the market, which aren't cheap. She suggests that they make a living selling them since it is an honest living and is much safer than what they used to do. Jefferson, however, is not convinced and heads to Wonderland to steal the Clock of Evermore, hoping to sell it for money. ("Out of the Past")

In Arendelle, Anna, books a trip to Misthaven to uncover her parents' secrets. Her sister Elsa rushes to the harbor which houses a small marketplace, however, when she gets there in the hopes of stopping Anna from leaving, she sees the ship has already left. Anna's fiance, Kristoff, follows her there and reassures her that Anna will be all right, but Elsa argues that her sister doesn't know how dangerous Misthaven is, even though she herself hasn't heard of such a place. As they stand together among the market stalls, Kristoff explains that Elsa might know it as what the inhabitants call it, which is the Enchanted Forest. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

As part of a deal, Rumplestiltskin glamours Regina as a peasant. At the market, she stops commoners from hitting a stick effigy of her, but Berkley and Rivers, two of the Queen's knights, arrive and mistake Regina as the creator of the effigy. As they prepare to behead her as punishment, a hooded vagrant saves her. During the battle, Regina's leg is cut with a rusty sword, and as she passes out from the pain, she sees her savior is Snow White. ("The Evil Queen")

Rumplestiltskin's maid, Belle, goes to the market down the road to buy food. She hears the villagers gossip about her being the Dark One's maid, as a wounded soldier is carted towards camp. She recognizes him as Samuel, her childhood friend. Seeing his injury is from an enchanted weapon, Belle brings him home with her to cure him. ("Out of the Past")

One day, Ruth takes a trip to the local market, where she talks to a wealthy grain merchant. The man has a daughter who is ready for marriage and he thinks his daughter and Ruth's son would make a great couple. Ruth returns home and says that she had an interesting trip. She tries to discuss the prospect of marrying David to the grain merchant's daughter since the farm is in debt. However, David doesn't want to marry anyone except his true love. ("The Shepherd")

In search of a Genie, Jafar arrives at the Lower Agrabah marketplace, at a small scarf shop of a merchant Farzeen Shahmed, and questions the good fortune of the shop owner; insisting the man's accumulated wealth is magically based. The merchant claims all his good fortune has either come from an inheritance or good business. Suspicious, Jafar believes the man to be lying, and bursts into the back room to see the merchant wishing the genie, Cyrus, away to a far off land where no one will find him. Jafar grabs for the lamp, but it disappears into thin air. Furious, he asks the merchant where the lamp was sent. Shakily, the merchant admits he doesn't know, so Jafar suffocates him to death. ("Trust Me")

In the Capital of Agrabah, Aladdin lives as an infamous thief. He witnesses Jafar, the Sultan's adviser, punish three thieves by turning them into rats, during which Aladdin pilfers valuables from people watching the spectacle at the local marketplace. A veiled woman, revealed to be Princess Jasmine, asks Aladdin to take down Jafar, whose corrupt ways are driving the kingdom into ruin. He refuses to help until Jasmine plants the royal scarab of Agrabah, a precious heirloom of her family, on him and loudly accuses him of stealing it. After he agrees to aid her, she tells him about a weapon, the Diamond in the Rough, in the Cave of Wonders, which can be used to defeat Jafar. ("Street Rats")

Ariel sets off to Agrabah to find Prince Eric, but accidentally gets herself in trouble when she takes a fork at the Agrabahn capital marketplace, unaware that it is stealing. She is pursued through the marketplace and cornered by the owner of the fork, who grabs her necklace as payment, which causes Ariel's legs to revert to a mermaid tail. The man is shocked by her transformation and begins to call her a monster, but is stopped by the arrival of Princess Jasmine, who pays for the fork and demands the return of Ariel's necklace. When she gives it back to Ariel, the mermaid explains its powers briefly and why she's in Agrabah. Jasmine, who is faced with the possible destruction of her kingdom by the evil sorcerer Jafar, asks if Eric has an army and, upon learning that he does indeed have a navy, offers to help Ariel find him by using a magic carpet. ("A Wondrous Place")

After the death of his wife, Jefferson makes a living by selling mushrooms at the local market. After playing hide and seek with their daughter Grace, he says it's time to pick some to sell tomorrow. In order to "motivate" Jefferson into helping her, the Evil Queen disguises herself as an old woman selling toys at the marketplace. When Jefferson goes to the market with his daughter, Grace wants to buy a rabbit doll from the old woman's stall, but Jefferson cannot afford it. He tries bargaining with the woman, but she turns him away. He ends up buying a different doll for his daughter, who is not upset, but Jefferson begins to worry that he cannot give his daughter a happy life. When Jefferson is out of earshot, the Magic Mirror manifests itself in the queen's mirror and upbraids her for being awfully cruel, saying she could at least let the girl have her toy. Regina merely smiles and replies, "Where's the fun in that?" ("Hat Trick")

After First Curse
In Victorian England, Will Scarlet breaks into an asylum to haul Alice back to Wonderland in order to rescue her lover, Cyrus. After meeting up with the White Rabbit, the trio escapes the hospital and make their way to the local marketplace. The three of them begin to quickly run away from incoming orderlies trying to seize them. After making their way through the fair, the trio ends up in an alley, where the rabbit opens up a portal to Wonderland. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

After Third Curse

In the Land of Untold Stories, Dr. Jekyll and his allies, David, Hook, Mary Margaret and Zelena, escape from Mr. Hyde's Hospital and into the city, where they make their way through the local marketplace. The others wander the strange area and David notices that it's like all the realms at once. Mr. Hyde explains that the land is a refuge for people who were forced to flee their problems and finding safe haven here; hence the name Land of Untold Stories. After Dr. Jekyll separates himself from Mr. Hyde, the group is forced to flee again and return to the market. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched from the Land Without Magic by the mysterious Dragon. Hyde says that they can blend in here, but so can Hyde. Zelena asks why his alter ego doesn't look anything like him and Jekyll explains that everyone sees their worst self differently - some as a mirror image, others as a literal monster. The group tries to find a way out of the market only to be cornered by Mr. Hyde. The confrontation comes to a halt when pennies start raining down from the sky and a watery portal opens up. Everyone except Hyde manages to jump in and land back into the Land Without Magic. ("An Untold Story")

In the Capital of Agrabah marketplace, Hook and Ariel have a conversation. Hook asks the mermaid if she can get back home to Hangman's Island and she states that she will be able to use her mermaid powers by swimming in the nearby Agrabahn Gulf. Realizing that she can help with Hook's problem of being separated from Emma, the redhead offers a magic conch shell that Hook can use to communicate into as long as there's someone on the other end. Hook begins to speak into it, telling Emma the truth of what happened, though he is unsure if she is on the other end. ("A Wondrous Place")

After Sixth Curse
After Roni casts a curse to unite the realms, one of the marketplaces is brought to Storybrooke and now rests next to the Royal Castle.[2] ("Leaving Storybrooke")





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