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You're running away. I tried that. You know what I found out? Sometimes you just have to look up and face your problems.
—Margot to Tilly src

Margot is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the fourteenth episode of the seventh season. She is portrayed by guest star Tiera Skovbye, and is the cursed counterpart of Robin Hood.


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During Fifth Curse

At an unknown point in time, Roni offers Margot a position at her bar in Hyperion Heights. Soon after, Roni gifts her with a ticket to Amsterdam. According to Kelly, Roni gives Margot the impression that only losers get an education. Eventually, Margot goes to Phuket for a foam party and never returns home. As a result, Kelly hates Roni for driving her daughter away, though this grudge ends when Kelly is freed from her cursed memories. ("The Eighth Witch")

After Kelly returns to Hyperion Heights to help Roni, she calls Margot and leaves a voice message for her. Kelly tells her that she has had a big change and wants to talk to her about it. ("Secret Garden")


Character Notes

Production Notes

  • According to Edward Kitsis, Margot "is a free spirit sort of wandering soul. She is somebody who is experiencing the world with a backpack". He also added that she has an interesting relationship with her mom.[2]



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