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This is Marco's house. The town handyman. The only magical object you'll find here is duct tape.
Regina Mills to Maleficent src

Marco's Handyman & Woodworking Services, also referred to as Marco's House, is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twentieth episode of the first season.


During First Curse
After failing to help Emma accept she is the savior of the curse, August recognizes he is nearing his end as his body continues to revert to wood. Wishing to spend his last days with his father, he approaches Marco at his workshop. There, August teaches him how to fix a broken clock and asks to be his apprentice. Although Marco cannot pay him, the latter is fine with the arrangement. ("The Stranger")

After First Curse

Once August is changed back into a child by Mother Superior's wand, Marco is left with his old belongings. Moving them into his workshop, he stores the motorcycle and bag under a cover. ("Unforgiven")

After Second Curse

August, since reverting into a child, lives as Pinocchio with no memories of his former self. Believing the boy has answers about the author, Regina allows him to look at the book pages, but he cannot recall anything. Even with Emma trying to remind him of all the things he did as August, Pinocchio cannot remember. In a fit of frustration, Regina verbally insults the boy, which triggers Marco's anger. Later, a remorseful Regina shows up at Marco's workshop to apologize for her actions. Just as she is leaving, he unveils the cover on August's motorcycle and gives her his old bag, which may contain clues about the author. ("Unforgiven")

After infiltrating Cruella, Maleficent and Ursula's circle, Regina pretends to be their ally in order to find out their plans. Believing she is on the same side as them, the trio ask her to kidnap young Pinocchio, who they wish to interrogate about the author. Reluctantly, Regina enters the shop while the boy and his father are working on a wooden rocking horse and puts both of them to sleep. Emma, sneaking in, tries to talk her out of the plan, but the latter insists on dealing with it alone and promises to protect Pinocchio if things get out of hand. Once Regina leaves with Pinocchio, she purposely leaves her cell phone on the ground to stop Emma from following her movements. After a few minutes, Emma confusedly studies her own device's GPS, since Regina's tracker hasn't moved, before rushing out and finding the discarded phone. ("Enter the Dragon")


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