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I'd wager you've heard all the horrible stories about me. Like, the March Hare is cruel. The March Hare kills innocent creatures just for fun. The March Hare is crazier than the Red Queen.
—The March Hare to Jefferson src

The March Hare is a character featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the graphic fiction novel, Out of the Past.

The March Hare is based on the character of the same name from the novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and the Disney film Alice in Wonderland.


Before First Curse

Residing in Wonderland, the March Hare lives a richly extravagant lifestyle, owning a large house and garden protected by guards, while also indulging in tea parties. Rumored to be madder than the Red Queen, he is feared for his reputation as a hunter of innocent creatures. Among one of his conquests, he once caught hares and made a hat out of their ears. Catching Jefferson attempting to break into his house to steal the Clock of Evermore, which can manipulate time, the March Hare knocks him out. After taking Jefferson's portal hat, he then binds him to a chair at the tea party table. Using the clock, the March Hare rewinds time so tea time is never over, as he forces Jefferson to keep him company. Finally getting bored with tea, he opts to go hunting and leaves a restrained Jefferson, who is rescued by Priscilla. When the March Hare notices his captive is gone, he and his guards storm the house, just after Jefferson regains his hat from the library. Unable to escape, the two flee upstairs into a tea storage room, as Priscilla is fatally wounded by a guard's arrow. Enraged, the March Hare hastens his men to break open the door, but before it is completely smashed apart, Jefferson is forced to leave Priscilla's body behind to escape into his portal hat. ("Out of the Past")



  • The March Hare's name comes from the hat he is wearing, which is made from the ears of all the hares he has hunted. ("Out of the Past")

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