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I was born here. Not that it was ever much of a home, after my mother left.
Mr. Gold to Emma src

Malcolm and Fiona's Cottage is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the nineteenth episode of the sixth season.


Before First Curse
During a dark winter, Malcolm is at Fiona's side as she gives birth to their son. The Blue Fairy, along with the child's fairy godmother, Tiger Lily, come to deliver a prophecy about the boy's destiny to become the Savior and die fighting a great evil. Fiona becomes obsessed with researching fairy lore in order to stop the prophecy and comes to believe the great evil, who is foretold to be born in winter with the mark of a crescent moon, must be a child who will be born soon. Upon tricking Tiger Lily into setting down her wand, Fiona takes it and recites an incantation to turn herself into a fairy, out of the belief that becoming a fairy gives her more power to protect her son. She then takes her son with her as she and Tiger Lily search for the great evil. At home, Malcolm waits for Fiona's return, but instead the Blue Fairy and Tiger Lily return with his infant son. They lie to him about Fiona being dead because of an accident in which she tried to protect her son, although the truth is Fiona was banished to another realm by the Blue Fairy after she severed her son's Savior ties with the Shears of Destiny. Malcolm is saddened over the death of the woman he loved, while Tiger Lily tries to reassure him that he still has another love to live for, his son, and suggests he give the boy a name. Taking the child into his arms, Malcolm laments about how his son was once supposed to be a source of happiness for him and Fiona, but now, he's the reason that Fiona is gone. With great bitterness, he decides he has a fitting name to bestow on the infant: Rumplestiltskin. ("The Black Fairy")

After Third Curse
In order to locate his son Gideon's heart, Mr. Gold uses the Sands of Morpheus on Gideon, Emma, and then himself. The three of them enter the Dream World, where Mr. Gold realizes he is in his own dreamworld after he and Emma discover the cottage where he was born. ("The Black Fairy")


Filming Locations

  • For the Dream World scene where Emma and Mr. Gold find the cottage, a stone cottage set was built in Robert Burnaby Park.[1]
  • The exterior of Malcolm and Fiona's cottage[2] is a redressed version of the Apprentice's cottage from Season Four.[3] This can be seen from the identical pattern of the brick stones (the ones by the door, on the right hand side, are easiest to compare). The Apprentice's roof tiles were replaced with a thatched roof for the episode.
    • The Apprentice's cottage also doubles as one of the cottages in the village of Camelot in "The Broken Kingdom".[4] This can easily be seen from the identical architecture and window panes and the identical pattern of the brick stones (the ones around the window are easiest to compare).
    • A redressed version of the cottage doubles as the exterior of Brennan's cottage in "Swan Song".[5] The wooden floor on the Apprentice's front porch has been replaced by a stone floor and climbing plants have been added to the walls to make the cottage look different.
    • The same set doubles as the exterior of the Woodcutter's cottage in "Sisters".[6] Although the cottage was heavily redressed to double as the Woodcutter's home (most noticeably, the roof of his cottage has a completely different shape, and the chimney is in a different position), the door, the window panes and the pattern of the brick stones (again, the ones around the window are easiest to compare) are the same.



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