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This article focuses on Maid Marian.
For her Wish Realm counterpart, see Maid Marian (Wish Realm).

No matter where we are, or what we face, I want to be with you.

—Marian to Robin Hood src

Maid Marian, also known as Woman and Shackled Woman,[3] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the nineteenth episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest star Christie Laing. She is the main reality version of Maid Marian (Wish Realm).

Maid Marian is based on the character of the same name from the Robin Hood ballads.


Before First Curse

As poor farmers, Marian and her family's only means of surviving are with a prized steed, which a thief, Robin of Locksley, later steals from them. Tracking him down, she threatens to shoot him with an arrow while explaining the horse's great value to her family's livelihood. The next morning, he returns to her cottage and apologizes by forfeiting his own two horses to her. ("The Snow Queen")

Marian and Robin fall in love with each other, much to the Sheriff of Nottingham's dismay, because he has feelings for Marian as well. After marrying Marian, Robin retires from life as a thief and opens a tavern to make an honest living. However, they run into trouble when the Sheriff of Nottingham demands tax payments from them within two days or their business will be shut down and Robin will face jail time. To pay off the taxes, Robin agrees to fetch an elixir of the wounded heart from Oz for the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, but he ends up giving it to someone else who needs it more than him. While backed up by his Merry Men, Robin stands up to the Sheriff, taking all of his gold, and distributing it to the peasants. Although impressed, Marian is concerned his life is now endangered since the Sheriff will want him dead as will Rumplestiltskin since he didn't deliver the elixir. Deciding to take his reputation in stride, Robin renames himself Robin Hood. As for Rumplestiltskin, Robin shows Marian a six-leaf clover from Oz that he'll use to glamour himself if he ever runs into the Dark One again. Afterwards, he admits being a thief is who he is and stealing for others makes a bigger difference than stealing for himself. Though he thinks such a life is not good for her, Marian decides to stay as long as she can be with him. ("The Snow Queen", "Heart of Gold")

At some point, Marian meets Will, who asks her why she is willing to do so much for Robin. Marian states her belief that there is goodness in Robin, and because true love is something one should always fight for. ("The Snow Queen")

While Marian is heavily pregnant and very ill, Robin risks his life by breaking into the castle of the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, to steal a healing wand. He escapes after the castle maid, Belle, takes pity on him and lets him go. On his way out, Robin pilfers the wand and later uses it to heal Marian. As the couple happily reunite, a stray arrow from Rumplestiltskin nearly hits them, forcing the two to flee on horseback. ("Lacey")

Marian gives birth to a son, Roland. Sometime after this, unknown circumstances transpire, in which she gains knowledge about Snow White's hideout. Eventually, Marian is captured by the Queen, and then is displayed to local villagers as an example of what happens to those who assist Snow White. Due to Marian's refusal to divulge the bandit's location, she is sentenced to execution by tomorrow. As the Queen walks away, Marian expresses pity for her, believing she is cruel because of not having either family or love in her life. The Queen retorts that Marian knows nothing about her wants or desires, and instead takes satisfaction in her prisoner's upcoming death. ("Quite a Common Fairy", "Snow Drifts", "A Tale of Two Sisters")

Imprisoned in the Queen's castle, Marian spends a night in jail before being executed in the morning. It is not clear if Robin is aware of how she died, as in his recollections, he blames himself for putting Marian in harm's way during a job that led to her death. ("Witch Hunt", "Snow Drifts")

While spending the night as a prisoner in the Queen's castle, Marian sees another woman, Princess Leia, hauled into the cell next to hers. Marian relates fears about never seeing her family again and that perhaps they already think she is already dead. She tells Leia they are set to be executed in the morning, so the latter breaks both of them out of the prison. They succeed in leaving and regrouping with Prince Charles and Prince Charming only to witness Snow White's faux execution. Later, Prince Charles expresses concerns to Leia about saving Marian since she was supposed to die, and her existence may alter other people's lives. To solve the issue, Leia intends to take Marian with them to the future. When Marian learns of this, she is suspicious and resists their plan, until Emma swiftly knocks her out. For the few moments while Emma and Hook are away chasing after Prince Charming and Snow White at the Troll Bridge, Zelena kills an unconscious Marian and then uses a six leaf clover to gain her form. After Emma succeeds in opening a portal, she and Hook bring the person they believe to be Marian with them to the present. ("There's No Place Like Home", "Heart of Gold")

After Second Curse

For events occurring after Zelena kills Marian and takes her form, see Zelena.

With the real Marian dead, Zelena continues to masquerade as her in order to wreck havoc on Robin Hood and Regina's budding romance as well as manipulate Mr. Gold into helping her obtain her happy ending. When Regina, Emma and Lily arrive in New York, Zelena finally sheds her Marian disguise and reveals herself to Robin. ("A Tale of Two Sisters", "Rocky Road", "Heart of Gold", "Lily")


Maid Marian
Robin Hood


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Storybook Notes

  • An illustration of Marian and Robin Hood in Henry's storybook, is accompanied by a story about how they met.[4] Half the text appears on-screen (though a few words are blurred), while the rest appears on a prop page which was auctioned off online in October 2019.[5] The missing text (blurred or off-screen) is set in fuchsia, or, in the case of links, underlined:

Robin was back on his feet in a
dash. He and the Merry Men
pursued the robed figure through
the forest. Though the figure
was quick, Robin knew these
woods well, as they served as his
home. Robin caught up to
the figure, but as he knocked it
to the ground, the figure's hood dropped to reveal
the most beautiful woman that Robin had ever seen.
The woman told Robin Hood that her name was Maid
Marian. Her parents were so poor they could not afford
the evil Sheriff's taxes. Instead, Instead, they gave the Sheriff all
they had of any value -- her hand in marriage. Marian
begged Robin Hood. If her carriage did not arrive at the
Sheriff's castle by daybreak, her parents lives would pay
the forfeit.
"I shall ransom you." said Robin Hood. "I'm sure you
will fetch a fine bounty.
"Then the stories are true." replied Marian," They
say there is a thief in Nottingham who is as selfish as the
Sheriff himself. Our people are starving and while the
Sheriff takes from one pocket, Robin Hood and the Merry Men
Men steal from the other."
Robin Hood had never thought of his crimes in this
manner before, and for the first time, someone had told

him the truth about how he was regarded in Nottingham.
Through he was a proud man, he allowed Marian's car-
riage to continue that night, albeit only after strip-
ing of her purse.
However, in the intervening days, he could not forget
Marian's face, nor the words she had spoken. They were
the first thing he thought of when he awoke and the last
thing he thought of before he slept. When he looked in
the mirror, all he saw was a selfish thief, no better than
the Sheriff of Nottingham. And the thought of Marian
being forced to marry the Sheriff did not sit well with
him either.
Robin Hood woved never to steal for himself again.
Hre would only steal from the rich and give to the poor.
He would make himself a man worthy of Marian's love.
And that is exactly what Robin did. For many
years, Robin Hood and the Merry Men fought valiantly
for the people of Nottingham. After defeating the Sher-
iff, Robin Hood rescued Marian and married her. In this
way did Marian's love change Robin Hood from a thief
into a man of honor, and they lived happily ever after.

The End

("The Snow Queen")
  • Note that the storybook contradicts the story that Robin tells Will Scarlet in the diner. According to Robin, he first met Marian when he stole a horse from a poor farmer. While camping for the night, he awakened to find the farmer's daughter, Marian, aiming an arrow at him. She told him the horse was important to her family's livelihood and without it, they wouldn't survive. Realizing the error of his ways, he returned to Marian's cottage the next day and forfeited his own two horses to Marian and her family. From that day forward, he only stole from the rich and gave to the poor. ("The Snow Queen")

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