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Now show me what you've learned. Immobilize it.
Rumplestiltskin to a young Evil Queen src

Magical Immobilization, also known as a Freezing Spell,[1] is a magical ability featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the fourth episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time.

Known Ways to Magically Immobilize

List of Magical Immobilization

Sg Ep Type Target By Status
1 4 Squid Ink Rumplestiltskin Cinderella Undone
2 2 Witchcraft Evil Queen Cora Undone
2 5 Witchcraft A unicorn Evil Queen Undone
Witchcraft Daniel Colter Regina Mills Undone
2 10 Fairy Dust Evil Queen Blue Fairy Undone
Witchcraft Pongo Cora Undone
Fairy Magic Arrows Blue Fairy Undone
3 4 Squid Ink Peter Pan Neal Cassidy Undone
Mr. Gold
3 11 Witchcraft Belle Peter Pan Undone
David Nolan
Emma Swan
Henry Mills
Neal Cassidy
Mary Margaret Blanchard
Regina Mills
3 13 Witchcraft Robin Hood's feet Evil Queen Undone
3 14 Witchcraft Belle French Zelena Undone
3 18 Witchcraft Merry Men Mr. Gold Undone
Mr. Gold Zelena Undone
3 19 Witchcraft Snow White Zelena Undone
Prince Charming
Evil Queen
3 20 Witchcraft David Nolan Zelena Undone
Mary Margaret Blanchard
Prince Charming's Sword
4 1 Witchcraft Belle French Mr. Gold Undone
4 11 Witchcraft Mary Margaret Blanchard Mr. Gold Undone
Emma Swan
4 15 Divine Magic Hook Poseidon Undone
Jolly Roger crew
5 5 Witchcraft David Nolan Emma Swan Undone
Mary Margaret Blanchard
5 7 Witchcraft King Arthur Regina Mills Undone
5 8 Witchcraft Granny Merlin Undone
Henry Mills
Granny's Diner key
Squid Ink Emma Swan Hook Undone
5 14 Divine Magic Milah Hades Undone
5 16 Witchcraft Dorothy Gale Zelena Undone
5 18 Witchcraft Silver Slippers Regina Mills Undone
Witchcraft Dorothy Gale Zelena Undone
5 19 Witchcraft Woodcutter Cora Undone
6 2 Witchcraft A sword Regina Mills Undone
6 9 Squid Ink Mr. Gold Emma Swan Undone
Black Fairy Rumplestiltskin Undone
6 10 Witchcraft
King David Regina Mills Undone
Queen Snow
Sir Henry Emma Swan Undone
6 11 Witchcraft Belle French Gideon Undone
David Nolan
Henry Mills
Regina Mills
Robin of Locksley
Mr. Gold
6 13 Witchcraft Mother Superior Gideon Undone
6 20 Time stopping potion David Nolan Mr. Gold Undone
Mary Margaret Blanchard
Regina Mills
7 6 Witchcraft Prince Gregor Regina Mills Undone
7 8 Witchcraft Henry Mills Drizella Undone
7 21 Squid Ink Rumplestiltskin (Wish Realm) Weaver Undone
W 2 Witchcraft Tweedledee Jafar Undone
Wonderland Peasants
Witchcraft Red Queen Jafar Undone
W 8 Witchcraft Alice Red Queen Undone
W 13 Witchcraft Alice Jafar Undone


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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