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Now show me what you've learned. Immobilize it.
Rumplestiltskin to a young Evil Queen src

Magical Immobilization, also known as a Freezing Spell,[1] is a magical ability featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the fourth episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time.


Known Ways to Magically Immobilize

Types of Magical Immobilization

  • The most common freezing spell immobilizes the victim, completely. ("The Doctor" et al.)
  • A freezing spell can be cast in the way that the victim can still talk and make minimal movements. ("The Price of Gold" et al.)
    • This type is usually accompanied when using fairy dust and squid ink although, it is possible to achieve this effect with a simple spell. ("Pretty in Blue")
  • A certain freezing spell can immobilize body parts, instead of the whole body. ("We Are Both")
  • The spell can be cast in the way that it immobilizes not only the victim's body but also its memory. Once the spell is lifted, the victim will have no recollection that they've been immobilized. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

List of Magical Immobilization

Sg Ep Type Target By Status
1 4 Squid Ink Rumplestiltskin Cinderella Undone
2 2 Witchcraft Evil Queen Cora Undone
2 5 Witchcraft A unicorn Evil Queen Undone
Witchcraft Daniel Colter Regina Mills Undone
2 10 Fairy Dust Evil Queen Blue Fairy Undone
Witchcraft Pongo Cora Undone
Fairy Magic Arrows Blue Fairy Undone
3 4 Squid Ink Peter Pan Neal Cassidy Undone
Mr. Gold
3 11 Witchcraft Belle Peter Pan Undone
David Nolan
Emma Swan
Henry Mills
Neal Cassidy
Mary Margaret Blanchard
Regina Mills
3 13 Witchcraft Robin Hood's feet Evil Queen Undone
3 14 Witchcraft Belle French Zelena Undone
3 18 Witchcraft Merry Men Mr. Gold Undone
Mr. Gold Zelena Undone
3 19 Witchcraft Snow White Zelena Undone
Prince Charming
Evil Queen
3 20 Witchcraft David Nolan Zelena Undone
Mary Margaret Blanchard
Prince Charming's Sword
4 1 Witchcraft Belle French Mr. Gold Undone
4 11 Witchcraft Mary Margaret Blanchard Mr. Gold Undone
Emma Swan
4 15 Divine Magic Hook Poseidon Undone
Jolly Roger crew
5 5 Witchcraft David Nolan Emma Swan Undone
Mary Margaret Blanchard
5 7 Witchcraft King Arthur Regina Mills Undone
5 8 Witchcraft Granny Merlin Undone
Henry Mills
Granny's Diner key
Squid Ink Emma Swan Hook Undone
5 14 Divine Magic Milah Hades Undone
5 16 Witchcraft Dorothy Gale Zelena Undone
5 18 Witchcraft Silver Slippers Regina Mills Undone
Witchcraft Dorothy Gale Zelena Undone
5 19 Witchcraft Woodcutter Cora Undone
6 2 Witchcraft A sword Regina Mills Undone
6 9 Squid Ink Mr. Gold Emma Swan Undone
Black Fairy Rumplestiltskin Undone
6 10 Witchcraft
King David Regina Mills Undone
Queen Snow
Henry (Wish Realm) Emma Swan Undone
6 11 Witchcraft Belle French Gideon Undone
David Nolan
Henry Mills
Regina Mills
Robin of Locksley
Mr. Gold
6 13 Witchcraft Mother Superior Gideon Undone
6 20 Time stopping potion David Nolan Mr. Gold Undone
Mary Margaret Blanchard
Regina Mills
7 6 Witchcraft Prince Gregor Regina Mills Undone
7 8 Witchcraft Henry Mills Drizella Undone
7 21 Squid Ink Rumplestiltskin (Wish Realm) Weaver Undone
W 2 Witchcraft Tweedledee Jafar Undone
Wonderland Peasants
Witchcraft Red Queen Jafar Undone
W 8 Witchcraft Alice Red Queen Undone
W 13 Witchcraft Alice Jafar Undone


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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