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The Magic Totem is a magical item featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts, with its only appearance, in the graphic fiction novel, Shadow of the Queen.


Before First Curse

When the Evil Queen joins forces with a pack of werewolves in order to kill Snow White, Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman both come to her aid. The Huntsman describes a mystical lake named Onondaga, where he wishes to find a mystical totem lies, which the power to transform a person into another creature and experience life as an animal. He believes if it is used on the shape-shifting werewolves, they will become normal wolves and be less powerful in battle. Reaching the lake, they find an ancient tree, where the totem is hidden. However, the werewolves close in and the Evil Queen orders the pack to kill Snow White, who runs onto the frozen lake to distract them, while the Huntsman retrieves the totem. During the battle, the ice beneath Snow White and Red Riding Hood cracks and they fall in. With the totem in hand, the Huntsman dives into the icy lake's waters, and uses the totem to transform himself as well as his companions into aquatic creatures underwater. Unfortunately, since they have been affected by the totem, none of them can wield it again. The group remains underwater for a while, until the effect begins to wear off, and they are forced to return to the surface. ("Shadow of the Queen")


Comic Notes

  • According to the Huntsman, no one can wield the totem more than once in their life. This rule is also applied to all people who have been affected by the totem's power. ("Shadow of the Queen")


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