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The love that flows through our ribbons is without equal. Its strength protects the life force that we all now share.

Ingrid to Elsa and Emma src

Magic Ribbons are magical items featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the seventh episode of the fourth season.


Before First Curse
As children, the three Arendelle princesses Ingrid, Helga and Gerda find a punctured kite in a tree and become enamored by the yellow ribbons on it. Ingrid, manifesting powerful ice magic, is reassured by her sisters that they will protect her secret. They then make a pact, with each tying a ribbon on their left wrist, to solidify the strength of their sisterhood. Years later, the trio are grown up, but Ingrid still fears she will be a detriment to her sisters' lives if the kingdom finds out about her powers. As a solution, they travel to the Enchanted Forest and bargain with Rumplestiltskin so Ingrid can control her powers. In exchange for their three ribbons, he will give Ingrid magic concealing gloves and an urn to seal herself if she ever becomes too dangerous. ("The Snow Queen")

During First Curse

With the casting of the first curse, Rumplestiltskin gains a new life as the pawnshop owner Mr. Gold. The three ribbons are some of the many relics that carry over from his former life and remain in his possession. ("The Snow Queen")

After Second Curse

As her plan to make Elsa and Emma her sisters comes into fruition, Ingrid asks for the three ribbons from Mr. Gold, and for his benefit, she tells him the last thing he needs to be free of the dagger's control. Regaining the ribbons, she intends to put them on Elsa and Emma's wrists after they learn to accept their magic powers. Mr. Gold unintentionally speeds this scheme along by attempting to trick Emma, who desires to be rid of her magic, into giving up her powers to the hat. Elsa encourages Emma to accept magic as part of herself, and she too learns to do the same. Following this, the ribbons manifest on their left wrists and begin harnessing their powers, which then gathers in Ingrid's own ribbon. Finally, Ingrid shatters her mirror with the ribbon's combined magic and casts the spell of shattered sight. ("The Snow Queen", "Smash the Mirror")

When Ingrid's curse commences, Elsa and Emma remain immune, due to the ribbons' power, while the spell's mirror shards ultimately turn other people against each other. ("Fall")

Learning about The Trolden Glass tale from Anna, in which a king cast the spell of shattered sight that ended only with his death, Elsa and Emma attempt to kill Ingrid. This fails since their ribbons prevent them from harming her. Manipulating Regina to channel anger towards Emma, the two blondes manage to burn their ribbons with the latter's magic. Having a change of heart after hearing Gerda's last wish was reconciliation with her, Ingrid destroys herself, along with her ribbon, to lift the curse. ("Shattered Sight")


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