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You told me that gauntlet could lead you to... to someone's weakness, to the thing they loved the most.

Belle to Mr. Gold src

The Magic Gauntlet, also known as Merlin's Gauntlet, is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eleventh episode of the fourth season.


Before First Curse

During his reign as king of Camelot, Arthur becomes consumed with finding Excalibur's missing half, the Dark One Dagger, so much that he begins neglecting his wife, Guinevere. When he thinks that he discovered the location of the dagger, Lancelot prepares to leave to go there, but Arthur insists he stay to protect Guinevere, while he himself goes instead. That night, Guinevere finds the magic gauntlet in Merlin's tower that reveals the dagger's location as Arthur's greatest weakness. When Lancelot asks why Arthur never used the gauntlet if he knew where it was, Guinevere says that because Arthur always thought that the dagger will be his mightiness. Intending to get the dagger, she tries to leave, before Lancelot agrees to accompany her. The gauntlet takes them to the Vault of the Dark One, and from one door in the vault, they find the dagger on a table stand, but it's protected by a barrier. In exchange for the gauntlet, Rumplestiltskin offers Guinevere enchanted sand to give the illusion that Excalibur is whole. Lancelot begs her not to, but she accepts the deal and gives the magic gauntlet to the Dark One. ("The Broken Kingdom")

After Rumplestiltskin acquires the magic gauntlet, he goes to his castle. As his maid, Belle, asks him how Camelot was, which Rumplestiltskin never tripped to Camelot, he hands her the gauntlet to clean. He tells her a little bit about the item's power to expose a person's weakness; namely the thing someone loves most. After Rumplestiltskin sends Belle to laundry duty, he discovers she has been captured by Cruella De Vil, who wishes him to forfeit the gauntlet for his maid's safety. He arrives at Demon's Bluff, where Cruella's accomplices, Maleficent and Ursula, pressure him into giving up the gauntlet, which they desire to use against their enemies. When Ursula threatens to crush Belle's heart, Rumplestiltskin angrily surrenders the gauntlet. The female trio, satisfied with their terms met, teleport away with the help of Maleficent's magic. Later in the night, he confronts the women again and retrieves the gauntlet. Slightly impressed by his feat, Cruella suggests that he join them to unseat their enemies, but Rumplestiltskin boasts his skill at winning alone without any help. ("Heroes and Villains")

After Second Curse

Hidden in Mr. Gold's pawnshop, the gauntlet lies stacked atop a cabinet until one day when Henry, while helping Belle look for a suitcase, causes a mass of items to topple down. While sorting through the mess, a stunned Belle sees the gauntlet, an item she always assumed Mr. Gold lost in his prior life after he traded it for her safety. Sensing something is wrong, she uses the gauntlet to lead her to Mr. Gold's weakness, the real dagger, which is hidden in a safe. Realizing Mr. Gold, who previously gave her the dagger, actually handed her a fake, Belle's trust in him shatters. ("Heroes and Villains")


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