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This article focuses on the walking broomstick that belongs to the Apprentice.
For Zelena's flying broomstick, see Flying Broomstick.

To whom is our bristled guide leading us?
Hook to Mr. Gold src

The Magic Broom is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appear in the fourth episode of the fourth season.

The magic broom is based on the enchanted broom from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and the Disney film, Fantasia.


Before First Curse

One day, the Apprentice watches Merlin healing villagers and introduces him to a mysterious woman. Merlin asks his young apprentice to head back and check on the brooms, while Merlin talks to the woman. ("Nimue")

Centuries later, the Apprentice is busy sweeping the front porch of his cottage when he notices someone approaching. He turns around, with the broom in hand, and sees that it's the Snow Queen, Ingrid. Ingrid wishes to make a deal with the Sorcerer in exchange for returning the Sorcerer's hat. The Apprentice cites that the Sorcerer does not make deals; especially since she has succumbed to darkness. He then puts down the broom, leaning it up against a nearby fence and grabs a sword instead, which he uses to threaten the Snow Queen. ("Smash the Mirror")

Sometime after this, the Apprentice is visited by Snow White and Prince Charming, who desire a way to rid their unborn child's potential to be evil. The broom is safely tucked away in a corner of the cottage as the Apprentice, under the Author's influence, advises it can only be done by infusing darkness in another living vessel. ("Best Laid Plans")

After Second Curse

Mr. Gold meets up with Captain Hook at the Storybrooke docks. Mr. Gold uses his magic to bring the Apprentice's broom to him. Hook wonders what they are going to do with it and Gold explains that the broom is going to help him find an old friend. The bristles on the broom suddenly take the form of two legs, and two wooden arms emerge from the handle. The Apprentice's broom begins walking away and Hook and Mr. Gold follow the broom to its destination: The house. Hook wonders who the "bristled guide " is leading them to and Mr. Gold explains that its someone who wronged him long ago and must now pay the price. When the broom reaches the door, it loses its magic and rests on the wall like a normal broom. Mr. Gold knocks on the door and it opens to reveal the Apprentice. ("The Apprentice")

Later, Mr. Gold uses the enchanted broom to locate a portal so Anna, Elsa and Kristoff can return home. With Hook in tow, he follows the broom to the Sorcerer's mansion. Their bristled guide makes its way up the steps, where Mr. Gold magically opens the door so the broom can walk through it. Inside the mansion, the walking broom cracks its knuckles and lifts up its arms, and a magic door appears before them. ("Heroes and Villains")

Learning the Apprentice is trapped in the Sorcerer's hat, Mother Superior gathers with everyone at the Apprentice's house so she can free him. She asks if they have anything belonging to the Apprentice and Hook picks up the walking broom, which is propped against a chair, and hands it to the nun. Using it, Mother Superior releases the trapped man from the hat. ("Operation Mongoose Part 1")


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