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She was my daughter and I blamed myself. I thought if I kept her close that I could somehow fix her, but there's no fixing her.
—Madeline to Isaac src

Madeline is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the eighteenth episode of the fourth season and is portrayed by guest star Anna Galvin.


Before First Curse

Madeline and her first husband have a daughter named Cruella, who is a very troubled child, although they both hope she'll grow out of the phase. One day, while Madeline's husband is having tea in the parlor, he passes away from a heart attack, in Cruella's presence. When she approaches to comfort her daughter over seeing her father die, Cruella carries a hint of a smile, which makes Madeline uneasy. Upon seeing poisonous flowers on the bedside table, she realizes her daughter poisoned her husband. Blaming herself for Cruella's behavior, Madeline keeps her close, hoping she can fix her daughter. Cruella attempts to run away, but Madeline's trained dalmatians stop her, and from then on, she is locked in the attic. Madeline remarries twice, but Cruella poisons both of them. Years later, she confronts Cruella about stealing a radio just as the door rings. A newspaper reporter, Isaac, inquiries her for a story, especially since she is a famous dog trainer. However, when he notices three male portraits in her home, he bluntly asks if she is divorced or widowed, causing an upset Madeline to throw him out. After discovering her daughter missing, Madeline finds Isaac, who believes she is the cause for Cruella's unhappiness. Instead, she reveals Cruella's murderess ways and asks him to stay away from her daughter. Returning home, Madeline faces Cruella by sending her dogs to intimidate her. Instead, Cruella uses magic to subdue the dogs before telling them to kill her mother. ("Sympathy for the De Vil")


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