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Template:LWMCharacter Madame Faustina is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the tenth episode of the fourth season. She is portrayed by guest star Rebecca Wisocky.


Before First Curse
During the year 1982, Madame Faustina resides in Boston working as a seer who gives her customers fake fortunes. One night, Ingrid arrives into her fortune-telling shop for knowledge about a girl that has yet to be born. Once both are seated at the table, Madame Faustina asks Ingrid to pay her first. After Ingrid forfeits her necklace, the seer gazes into a crystal ball and foretells of a girl that is very special. As Madame Faustina begins to fib a name for the girl, she pauses dramatically while an intrigued Ingrid presses her to continue. The seer announces the girl's name is Susan, but Ingrid later discovers from the apprentice's scroll that her name will be Emma Swan. Outraged at being deceived, Ingrid storms out of the store and berates Madame Faustina, who shows little care for swindling her. Angered, Ingrid attempts to use magic on her, but her powers do not work in this land. Madame Faustina then barks at Ingrid to make her leave, which she finally does. ("Shattered Sight")


  • Her casting call describes her as, "a charlatan who, in flashbacks, pretends to commune with spirits in order to swindle her customers by telling them made-up fortunes. Said “seer” exhibits a gentle, compassionate manner, but that is only an act designed to conceal her tough, unscrupulous nature from her marks.".[1]



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