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Henry! How did you get in here?
Mary to Dr. Jekyll src

Arthur Lydgate's House is a Victorian England location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the fourth episode of the sixth season.


Before First Curse

After Dr. Jekyll ingests a serum to give himself control over his darker tendencies, Rumplestiltskin accompanies Mr. Hyde, who has manifested in Jekyll's body, to a party at Dr. Lydgate's house. In the foyer, Hyde sees himself in the mirror and notes that he neither feels or looks anything like Jekyll. He is merely a part of Jekyll that his original wished to hide, which gives Rumplestiltskin an idea for a name for the man: Mr. Hyde. Hyde then enters Lydgate's lounge, which is full of high-end party guests. He approaches Dr. Lydgate and Lydgate's daughter Mary. Lydgate questions if he and Hyde have met, but Hyde responds that he is a friend of Dr. Jekyll's. Mary is immediately intrigued by Hyde and says she doesn't believe Henry's ever mentioned him. Hyde responds that Jekyll certainly mentioned Mary, and for good reason. Mary allows him to kiss her hand. Suspicious of the man's intentions, Lydgate sends his Mary away to get drinks for them and tells Hyde that if Jekyll thinks sending a brute will convince him to accept him in the science academy, then he is wrong. Hyde fires back by pointing out Lydgate's assistant and expressing knowledge of their affair and threatens to tell Mary and Mrs. Lydgate unless Jekyll is accepted into the academy. As such, Lydgate reluctantly complies, although their conversation is interrupted when Mary returns. ("Strange Case")

Later, Hyde talks to Mary on the street, wishing to talk to her about Jekyll's feelings for her. Mary responds that she could never love Jekyll. However, she acknowledges that the traits Jekyll lacks are apparent in Hyde, and they kiss and go to her bedroom, where they sleep together. However, when Mary awakens she finds Jekyll by her side. She becomes concerned that he may have done something to Hyde, only to discover that Hyde is the resulting split personality from Jekyll taking his own serum. Mary states that she could never love Jekyll, for he is not only weak but completely mad. Jekyll is angry and heartbroken at Hyde and Mary's betrayal, and when Mary tries to leave the room, he stops her. A struggle ensues, resulting in Jekyll accidentally pushing Mary out the window. She screams as the glass shatters and falls to her death. A woman soon discovers the body and raises the alarm, while another passer-by says that someone must have pushed Mary. In shock of what he's done, Jekyll, clutching Mary's cameo necklace, ingests the serum directly after to make Hyde manifest, in order to pin him as the murderer. Lydgate enters Mary's room after hearing sounds of the struggle but is shoved aside by a fleeing Mr. Hyde. Lydgate discovers that Mary was killed by being shoved out of the window, and assumes Hyde is responsible. ("Strange Case")


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