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I only awaken when my candles are lit.

—Lumiere to Belle and Neal src

Lumiere is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fifteenth episode of the third season and is portrayed by guest star Henri Lubatti.

Lumiere is based on the character of the same name from the Disney film, Beauty and the Beast.


Before Second Curse

Lumiere is a normal human until the Wicked Witch of the West turns him into a candelabra. She promises to restore him to his former self, but only if he helps her revive the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin. Placed in the library of Rumplestiltskin's old castle, he makes himself known when Belle enters the room and lights the candelabra; where she and Neal begin searching for information on how to revive Rumplestiltskin. Lumiere deceives them; stating that Rumplestiltskin turned him into his current form after a broken deal. He offers to help only if they can return him to his original self. Instructing Belle to pick out a book from a shelf, she later finds a key in it, which he explains it is for opening the vault of the Dark One; where the Dark One can be resurrected. Belle and Neal want Lumiere lead them to the vault, to which he agrees to. As the pair exit the room, Neal blows out Lumiere's candle flames. Shortly after, the Wicked Witch enters to relight his candles. Having done as she asked of him, Lumiere demands to be given his end of their bargain as his duties are fulfilled, but she refuses and orders him to bring Belle and Neal to the vault. The next day, Belle and Neal travel to a forest clearing where Lumiere tells them to uncover the vault lock on the ground's center. When Neal expresses uncertainty, Lumiere boldly proclaims that he has been in Rumplestiltskin's library for over two-hundred years watching the Dark One practice dark magic. Belle realizes he is lying since the library was built for her and has existed for barely thirty years. Caught, Lumiere admits it was actually the Wicked Witch who cursed him into his current form since she wants the revived Dark One to be in her control via the dagger. Despite this, Neal stubbornly uses the key to open the vault, not knowing the cost is his life, while Rumplestiltskin brought back. The Dark One absorbs Neal into his own body to keep him alive as the Wicked Witch uses the dagger to order Rumplestiltskin to kill Belle. Lumiere entraps the Wicked Witch in flames to help Belle escape. As she flees, she takes him along with her. ("Quiet Minds")



Character Notes

Production Notes

  • The casting call describes him as, "an uppity, know-it-all servant who must have a French accent."[3]
  • The casting call name for him was "Lawrence".[3]


Other Notes



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