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You're waiting for the perfect first sentence, but no story is perfect. It just needs a start.
—Lucy to Henry src

Lucy, also known as Luce and Little Girl, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the twenty-first episode of the sixth season. She is portrayed by starring cast member Alison Fernandez.


After Fourth Curse

After the final battle between Emma and Gideon, Henry leaves Storybrooke for another realm, where he meets and falls in love with Cinderella, who he later marries. ("The Final Battle Part 1", "The Final Battle Part 2", "Hyperion Heights")

Sometime after Cinderella gives birth to her and Henry's child, Henry cradles his new baby daughter Lucy in a blanket and proudly introduces Hook, Jack and Tiana to her, only for Drizella arrives to stir up trouble by telling the heroes that on the child's eighth birthday, the Dark Curse will be cast. The heroes take out Drizella with blood magic and turn her into a statue, however, before being transformed completely, Drizella vows to be back in eight years. ("The Eighth Witch")

Before Tiana's coronation ceremony, Lucy is resting in a nearby cradle as Tiana asks her mother Eudora, Henry, Ella, and Regina to come out with her to greet her subjects as she trusts them to help her protect her people. On Henry's way out of the room, he picks up Lucy and leaves with her. ("A Taste of the Heights")

In the courtyard of Queen Tiana's castle, Cinderella and Henry sit under a pavilion as they fawn over their baby daughter, while Hook sadly watches them, reminded of his own daughter whom he is separated from. As Henry passes Lucy into Cinderella's arms, the couple is startled by the appearance of an open portal as Regina's sister Zelena comes through. A little later, Cinderella and Henry continue looking after Lucy while Zelena and Regina get into an argument. ("Secret Garden")

Around a campfire in the woods, Henry holds Lucy as Ella, Zelena, Hook and Regina sit near him.[2] As Henry bounces his daughter in his arms, Hook makes silly faces at the child. ("The Girl in the Tower")

Years later, during Lucy's eighth birthday, Tiana hosts a party for her at the castle, where Lucy's parents, Jack, Regina, and Hook are in attendance. Regina helps light the candles on the birthday cake, but before Lucy can blow out the candles, they go out by themselves as Gothel mysteriously in the company of five other witches as she frees Drizella from her statue form. Gothel then takes Drizella away with her, with plans of helping her enact the curse. Later in the castle courtyard, Lucy clutches the storybook as her parents come to check up on her and reassure her that Drizella won't succeed since they have a plan to keep everyone safe. Lucy learns she is part of the plan, to which she excitedly asks if she gets a sword. Henry and Cinderella chuckle at her enthusiasm and instead send her off to pack her things. As the pair watch their daughter leave the courtyard, Cinderella begins to cry and expresses doubts to Henry about the plan, but Henry insists it has to be done to protect everyone if Regina can't stop the curse. ("The Eighth Witch")

On a motorcycle, Henry takes Lucy to the oldest part of the realm to show her a tree with the same magic that once brought his mother to Storybrooke. Henry also introduces her to Tiger Lily, a fairy from Neverland who helped him find the tree. When Tiger Lily gives Geppetto's ax to Henry so he can cut down the tree, an alarmed Lucy realizes her father intends to make a portal out of it, much like the magic wardrobe. Henry persuades her that it's just a last resort if the curse happens, in which the both of them will cross over to another world to find their people and use the storybook to help them believe again. While Henry stays behind to work on the tree, Lucy is taken to Tiger Lily's hideout, where she falls asleep, but by nightfall, Henry arrives to frantically wake her up because Gothel's minions have found them. Lucy is frightened by his urgency, but Henry tells her to take her book and keep it safe. She swears to protect it with her life but is assured that it will not come to that. Henry kisses her on the head before she runs off through a back exit and he goes to fight off the intruders. Later, Lucy returns to the ruins of this shack and searches for her father but cannot find him. Tiger Lily comes to console her, telling her that Lucy did the right thing as the book is very important and she must share the stories inside of it. Lucy doesn't think anyone will believe her, but Tiger Lily promises someone will. Tiger Lily also reveals to a distraught Lucy that the fairies have seen the future and know that Lucy and Henry will be reunited, however, the future is unclear and she cannot confirm that they will be alright, just that they will be reunited. She then tells Lucy to go find her mother. ("The Final Battle Part 1", "The Final Battle Part 2", "The Eighth Witch ")

With Tiger Lily by her side, Lucy runs back to the castle to alert her mother that Henry was taken by the witches. Tiana agrees to stay behind to look after Lucy while everyone else goes to rescue Henry, but Cinderella stops them from going as she realizes this is all part of Drizella's scheme to distract them from the curse. After Regina is forced by Drizella to cast the curse, Cinderella wonders what will happen to Lucy once they are in this new land as she'll lose her memories and be unable to find her, however, Hook gives her the white elephant figurine to ensure she and Lucy will remain together even if they are cursed with new memories. Lucy clings onto Tiana for support as the curse overtakes them. ("The Eighth Witch")

During Fifth Curse

After Regina cast Drizella's curse to save Henry's life, Lucy lives in Hyperion Heights with her stepgrandmother, Victoria Belfrey, who is her legal guardian. Lucy's mother, Jacinda Vidrio, has cursed memories of a brief relationship with Nick Branson, which resulted in her pregnancy, but was unable to take care of Lucy so she let Victoria have the custody of her. As part of her cursed memories, Lucy believes the stories from Henry's novel, knowing that he is her father, and also thinks that her stepgrandmother is responsible for the separation as well as everyone's cursed memories. Deciding to seek out her real father even though he has no memory of her, she sneaks out to board a train and arrives at his apartment doorstep. She readies herself by knocking on the door, and when a man answers, she asks if he is Henry Mills. When he confirms that he is, she introduces herself as his daughter, though, due to the curse, he believes he doesn't have a daughter; however, she insists he does and that his family needs him. ("The Final Battle Part 2", "Hyperion Heights", "Pretty in Blue", "The Eighth Witch")

Pushing her way into Henry's apartment, Lucy regards his shoddy and unkempt home, noting that despite that he is her favorite author, he hasn't had much success. She tries to persuade him that everything he wrote in his book actually happened to him and his family, and insists he returns to Hyperion Heights with her to rescue them from a curse, including her mom, who was his true love Cinderella. Because Henry does not buy her story and unceremoniously tells her to go home, Lucy does go, however, she secretly swipes Henry's laptop and leaves him a sticky note requesting that he meet her at Roni's in Hyperion Heights. While attempting to make a wish at a wishing well in an abandoned lot, she is found by Jacinda, who reprimands her for her disappearing act. Lucy tells her mother about finding a quarter at the well and how she has taken it to be a sign that change is just around the corner. Jacinda allows her to toss the coin in before ushering her to hurry up so she's not late for ballet class. After being questioned by her mother about where she was, Lucy confesses to going to find Henry. Jacinda then takes Henry's stolen laptop and returns it to him at Roni's. Meanwhile, Lucy is in the lot sprinkling hyacinth seeds in the soil beds when Henry confronts her for causing his car to be stolen, but she denies it. She tries to stop him from leaving for good, insisting that he has cursed memories and that is why he doesn't remember her as his daughter and her mother as his wife. Lucy suggests the reason why he also has been unable to write anything is that he doesn't believe in the truth yet, however, Henry simply apologizes and departs. When Victoria announces her intentions of refusing to let her see Lucy again, Jacinda attempts to prevent this by taking her daughter to Bainbridge Island so they can have a fresh start together. Jacinda's car breaks down during the trip, which Lucy points out is because of the curse, but an undeterred Jacinda has her walk with her instead. After Lucy refuses to go, her mother reveals her desire to not be separated from her if Victoria refuses to let them see each other. Lucy's main concerns rest on Henry and breaking the curse, but Jacinda implores her to put aside her imaginative thinking and believe in her just this once. Lucy agrees, and as she and her mother hug, Officer Rogers and Jacinda's stepsister Ivy show up to retrieve Lucy. Much to the girl's protestations, Ivy takes Lucy's copy of Henry's book and asks Rogers to dispose of it, before ushering her niece into the car with her. ("Hyperion Heights")

After the planted seeds in the garden bloom into hyacinths, Lucy sends Victoria some of the flowers with an accompanying note. Lucy later has a ballet recital, which her step-grandmother turns into a charity event as an excuse to charge for tickets so that Jacinda cannot afford to attend. However, thanks to the help of Henry and Sabine, Jacinda manages to get a job as a caterer for the recital and is reunited with her daughter at the event. Lucy is delighted not only to see her mother but also to learn Henry was involved, as she hopes it means he is starting to believe. ("A Pirate's Life")

While Lucy is unable to see her mother on a regular basis anymore, she and Jacinda take to leaving letters for each other in the garden's wishing well. Lucy becomes pleased by her mother taking the initiative to save the garden from Victoria's demolition plans, and she visits Henry in the bar to show him that 100 signatures have been collected so far. Henry wonders why she isn't more upset about the garden's possible demise, to which Lucy reveals she isn't because it's giving her mother something to fight for and hopefully wake up from the curse. Lucy then tells him a secret about the demolition, in that it's not about the condos but something hidden below it which Victoria wants to retrieve. At the dig site, Lucy becomes excited upon seeing something in the ground has been unearthed and hops into the underground tunnel to find it, as a shocked and concerned Henry follows her in. Henry remains skeptical of Lucy's claims that there is something magical hidden inside, while Lucy once again challenges him about his cursed memories and the nonexistent cemetery where his family is supposedly buried. When they reach a dead end in the tunnel, Henry is convinced there is nothing more to see, but Lucy picks up a shiny item from the ground: a piece of Cinderella's glass slipper. Lucy believes it is more than enough proof that the curse is real and vows to give to her mother to make her remember. Sometime after escaping the tunnel, Lucy splits from Henry to go find her mother, only to witness Jacinda burning the signed petitions in order to accept a deal from Victoria. Jacinda tries to explain she did it for her so they can be together as a family, but Lucy is disappointed in her mother, declaring to her that she'd rather be apart if she is giving up on fighting for the garden. A glum Lucy is later found by Henry on the streets before they both spot a rally going on at the demolition site. There, they hear Jacinda persuade the residents to sign the petition again and join her in reinvigorating the garden. Afterward, Henry has ice cream with Jacinda and Lucy. He parts ways from them, but Lucy rushes up to give him the slipper, telling him that as her mother is already becoming a hero, he should have it as a reminder he will find his true love even if he thinks she is gone. Henry is a little exasperated by her claims, though Lucy placates him with the suggestion that he won't find his family in some cemetery and that all he has to do is believe she and her mom are the ones he is looking for. Lucy then runs off back to her mother and hugs her as Henry watches the warm exchange. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

Provided with a Halloween costume from her mother, Lucy wears it to go trick-or-treating, but she is forced to wear a paper bag with a poorly drawn skeleton face since Ivy won't help paint her face. The girl begs to go to the south end of the street where there is a haunted house, but Ivy instead complains about how she's missing the masquerade ball because Victoria wanted Lucy to have fun on Halloween. Lucy insists she is not missing anything as she did not get invited to the ball, and further explains that she overheard her complaining about it on the phone. An irritated Ivy suggests that Lucy should consider wearing that paper bag all year around, to which Lucy storms off to a nearby house on her own. At the house, Lucy hopes to get an Apollo bar but instead, she receives a Milk Dud. She trades it to a girl in an Elsa costume and allows her to take her place. While the girl puts on the paper bag and returns to Ivy, Lucy goes to explore the haunted house. She is eventually found by Henry and Ivy, both of whom bring her back to Jacinda. Although Ivy expresses annoyance over Lucy's troublesome behavior, she mentions there is an hour of trick-or-treating left and that perhaps Jacinda, Lucy, and Henry could go altogether. Lucy questions what will happen if Victoria finds out, to which Ivy agrees to take care of it if anything happens. After Ivy's departure, Lucy excitedly goes to prepare her make-up kit so her parents can help draw on her face. Henry, however, decides to not stay as he doesn't want to get in the way of their mother and daughter bonding. ("Beauty")

In Belfrey Towers, Lucy is sitting near the reception desk as she complains to Ivy about Victoria being late with picking her up for ballet lessons, to which Ivy shushes her as she is too busy texting and tells her that she is looking for an "annoyed babysitter" emoji. Sabine arrives to drop off beignets for Lucy, who she remarks is her "favorite taste-tester". Victoria then arrives, with Ivy questioning her whereabouts as she had been trying to get ahold of her for the last hour. Victoria sends Ivy to go to the herbalist shop and then tells Sabine that her rent agreement is being raised by 8%. Sabine tells Victoria that she will find a way to fight against her. Sometime later, Lucy sees Jacinda and Sabine's pop-up ad on her ballet instructor's phone, so she goes to the restaurant and proposes a firefly logo, which is met with approval. After the fire that burned down the restaurant, Jacinda is furious that Sabine convinced her to deliver a huge risk with the promise that their lives will be better when it won't. Sabine then, despite Lucy's protests, gives Jacinda the rent money and agrees to move out. As Sabine is packing up, Lucy tries to stop her, but Sabine believes that she needs to face reality. Lucy insists that Sabine is actually running away and that she should stay with Jacinda and Lucy, to which Sabine tells Lucy that she will always have her but there are some things she can't fight against. Although unable to stop Sabine from leaving, Lucy later manages to change her mother's opinion and persuade her to make up with Sabine. ("Greenbacks")

Somehow, Lucy learns about a certain picture that Henry and Roni have that relates to their precursed lives. She rushes into the bar asking to see it and recognizes the boy in the photo as a young Henry and the older, sophisticated woman as Roni, who was the Evil Queen Regina and that she adopted Henry from Boston when he was an infant. Lucy then brainstorms a way to help Roni remember her true self and goes off to execute this plan by returning to her old room in Jacinda and Sabine's apartment. Recalling from Henry's book that Snow White once found the fairytale storybook in her closet one day, Lucy attempts to do the same, to no avail as the book does not appear for her. Roni finds her there, and Lucy explains the book could restore Roni's memories if she touches it. She persuades Lucy that she is willing to take a chance in believing, and then they team up by getting the adoption papers that Regina signed from Weaver. ("Wake Up Call")

As Victoria scolds her granddaughter for sneaking out into town without her permission, Lucy expresses little care about getting caught, to which an enraged Victoria grounds her by sending her to her room. Lucy defiantly tells her grandmother that she can punish her now, however, when her parents break the curse and her family is reunited, Victoria will be the one left all alone. After getting the last word in the conversation, a defiant Lucy strides out of the room. After Victoria's arrest, Lucy is confused about what is going on when her mother comes to meet with her at Belfrey Towers. Jacinda believes she can finally take Lucy home since Victoria is now unable to act as her daughter's legal guardian, however, social services take custody of the girl. Lucy is frightened by this and begs her mother to not let them take her, but Jacinda has no choice but to comply with the authorities' demands. ("Eloise Gardener")

At her new foster home, Lucy is visited by her mother, who tries to reassure her that she is working on a way so they can be together again. Urged by Sabine, Jacinda contacts Nick, her ex and Lucy's biological father, for legal help as he is now a lawyer. When Henry drops by the foster home with his book, Lucy prepares to use it to figure out who Nick is supposed to be. She theorizes Nick is the third party in the curse's love triangle similar to Kathryn, who under the first Dark Curse was cursed to believe she was Charming's wife when in reality Snow White was. Lucy pushes Henry to fight for Jacinda's affections and suggests he can start by fixing the food truck engine. After Henry mistakenly believes Jacinda is together with Nick, Jacinda admits that she was trying to get into Nick's good graces because, as she remembers it, she was too ashamed to have forfeited custody of Lucy to Victoria. She is also afraid of Lucy finding out the truth, but Henry convinces her to trust that her daughter will understand why she did it. Jacinda follows Henry's advice about being honest with Nick, and in the end, Nick is able to return Lucy to her mom. Upon being picked up by her mom at the foster home, Lucy is introduced to Nick for the first time. ("Pretty in Blue")

Now back with Jacinda in the apartment, Lucy asks her mom if they can invite Henry over to share their good news with him. Jacinda, hesitant admit to her that Henry recently left for a trip, instead says maybe they could figure it out tomorrow. Lucy then goes to grab her bag from her room, and after she returns, Jacinda accompanies her to school. After ballet lessons, Lucy finds Victoria waiting for her in the hallway. She tries to brush the woman off but becomes enticed when Victoria shows her the storybook and allows her to look through it. From reading the book, Lucy learns Victoria is Rapunzel and that she poisoned Cinderella's mother. Victoria brings her to the hospital to see her comatose daughter, Anastasia, in an attempt to open Lucy's eyes to the reality of this fairytale, as she once sacrificed everything for her family and did not get a happy ending. Lucy insists people can if they work for it and stubbornly believes she and her parents will get that in the end. Victoria shatters these hopes by playing a video of Jacinda and Nick kissing to prove Henry means nothing to her mother, especially since Henry has already left town and that no matter how hard Lucy believes, her dream of a reunited family won't happen. As Lucy sheds tears of grief and lets go of her belief, one of her tears fall onto the storybook, which Victoria collects and drips onto Anastasia's body. Meanwhile, Weaver, who had helped Victoria retrieve the storybook for his own benefit, learns from Gothel that for Victoria to revive Anastasia, she must sacrifice an innocent's belief. He searches for Lucy, hoping to reach her in time, but only finds her discarded schoolbag. A saddened Lucy wanders the streets until she returns to her mother just as Victoria drips the collected tear onto Anastasia, reawakening her, while Lucy suddenly collapses in Jacinda's arms. ("One Little Tear")

After Lucy is rushed the hospital into intensive care, Jacinda phones Henry, who takes a flight from San Francisco to Hyperion Heights. Jacinda encourages him to read his novel to Lucy as it always gave her strength when she needed it. While Jacinda eventually falls asleep on the chair beside her daughter's hospital bed, Henry reads up to the part where Emma begins to believe in magic and saves her son's life with true love's kiss. Henry gets choked up as he tells Lucy that he, too, would believe in the impossible if it meant he could save her life, including the reality of a world where he truly is her father. He swears he does believe it, and then leans over to kiss her on the forehead, but Lucy does not wake up even after this because of her lost belief, as both people must believe in order for true love's kiss to work. Regina, while still in San Francisco, realizes Lucy can only be helped if the curse is no longer intact, but Henry will die if the curse is broken. ("The Eighth Witch")

With Lucy continuing to be nonresponsive, Doctor Sage runs tests to find the cause of her condition, however, the results are inconclusive. The doctor then asks for a blood donation from both of the girl's parents as proof of a genetic match in case an emergency arises and a donor is needed. As Jacinda and Nick go to begin the procedure, Doctor Sage goes to Lucy's bedside to check her vitals. Despite knowing the low chance of a match since he is supposedly not related to Lucy, Henry asks to be tested as well. Gothel, wanting to reclaim the Resurrection Amulet for herself, agrees to bring back Lucy if Kelly gives it to her. Despite her earlier willingness to sacrifice Lucy for Anastasia, Victoria makes Regina forfeit the amulet, which she relinquishes to Gothel to allow for Lucy's revival, though she does not realize until it's too late that another life must be sacrificed for the resurrection to work. Gothel attempts to drain Ivy's life force, but Victoria allows herself to die in her place instead as Lucy awakens from her coma. Later while Doctor Sage is looking over the test results, she discovers Henry is actually Lucy's biological father instead of Nick, but the evidence is taken away by a mystery assailant after the doctor is poisoned. ("Secret Garden")

After Victoria's body is buried in the cemetery, Lucy visits her gravestone to place some blue hyacinth flowers there. She and her mother drop by the food truck, where Sabine is busy preparing for the food fair. Lucy wants to help, but Sabine says she and Jacinda should use their time to catch up, which leads Lucy to suggest inviting Henry over as a way to thank him for his support while she was in the hospital. Later, Henry comes over after accepting Jacinda's invitation. Lucy tells him about the actual storybook that Victoria showed her and how it finally confirms everything she believes is real. She admits she doesn't know where the book is now, but that the most important thing now is Henry gives her mother true love's kiss and breaks the curse, restoring everyone's memories of each other. During the night, Lucy beats Henry in checkers many times. She thanks her mom for the hot cocoa before turning in early for the evening in order to give her and Henry some alone time together. While Lucy is reading Henry's book in bed and sipping her cocoa, her closet door mysteriously creaks open, causing her to investigate but she finds nothing inside. However, when she hops back onto her bed, a folded up storybook page slips out from the book. She learns from reading it that if true love's kiss ever breaks the curse, Henry will die. Shocked, she hurries into the living room, stopping Jacinda and Henry as they were just about to kiss, insisting she can't sleep after having a nightmare and now wants to finish another game with them. For the rest of the night, Lucy begins acting differently towards Henry, giving him the impression she thinks he is not good enough for Jacinda. ("A Taste of the Heights", "Knightfall")

In her room, Lucy is lost in thought as she thinks about Henry's fate if the curse breaks. She scrambles to hide the storybook page and starts pretending to do her homework when her mother comes in with her favorite dish, mac and cheese. Lucy feigns disinterest, but Jacinda sits down to talk to her about her shifting behavior with Henry last night. Lucy insists she is just overwhelmed after her stint in the hospital as well as her grandmother Victoria's death and needs her mother with her instead of her spending time with some guy. Jacinda reminds Lucy that Henry isn't "some guy" as he is her favorite author, however, the girl lies and says he used to be, but after going through some real-life bad experiences, maybe she doesn't believe in fairytales anymore, declaring that she doesn't want her mother to see Henry again. That night, Lucy stops by the bar to inform Roni about the storybook page that explains Henry will die if the curse is broken. Roni reveals to Lucy that, unlike last time they spoke about the curse, she is now awake and remembers her time as the Evil Queen. They decide to figure out a way to save Henry just like Henry did when he was Lucy's age; with walkie-talkies and an operation name: Operation Hyacinth. ("Knightfall")

At the bar, Roni shows Lucy a pair of walkie-talkies they will be using, but the girl finds them to be clunky and strange looking. She eventually persuades Roni to use their phones to text each other instead. To begin the operation, Roni brings up Mr. Samdi, whom Lucy recognizes as the voodoo doctor Dr. Facilier and suggests he might have a cure for Henry. Roni suggests they should figure out what Samdi is doing in Hyperion Heights first and that Kelly cannot know about it. Just then, Kelly approaches to ask what she cannot know, which Roni plays off by saying she was thinking about adding a kid's menu to the bar. Lucy then leaves with Roni, who walks her home. The next day, Roni lures Samdi out with a date but tampers with his apartment door to ensure Lucy can sneak in later. While searching through Samdi's things, Lucy fails to notice her phone screen light up after Roni texts her with a warning that Samdi is coming back. She sees Samdi's tarot deck on the table, notably the death card that piques her interest, and only then she reaches for her phone to read Roni's text. After snapping a quick photo of the tarot deck, Lucy grabs her bag and scurries under the table just as Samdi walks through the door to go upstairs, giving Lucy the spare time to flee the apartment. However, she forgets to take her hat, which Samdi later finds and confronts Roni about what she and her granddaughter are up to. ("The Girl in the Tower")


King Leopold
Peter Pan
Black Fairy
Snow White
Mary Margaret
Prince Charming
David Nolan
Mr. Gold
Belle French
Evil Queen
Regina Mills
Prince NealKillian Jones
Emma Swan
Neal Cassidy
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Jacinda Vidrio
Ivy Belfrey


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage, adoption relationships, and relationships that result in offspring
  • denotes the deceased
  • Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy have never been married
  • Henry Mills is the adopted son of Regina Mills



  • The name "Lucy" is of English origin and is derived from Latin lux, meaning "light".[3] This is a reference to the Final Battle of light vs darkness.

Character Notes

  • During the present events of Season Seven, Lucy is 10 years old.[4]
    • However, by some occasions, the show creators stated that she is nine.[5]

Production Notes

  • The casting call describes her as "a precocious 10-year-old with a 'constant twinkle of mischief in her eye'. And though this girl comes from a broken home, those struggles have only made her stronger — something which will come in handy when darkness threatens 'everything she holds dear'. She 'never lets the hard knocks of life get her down'".[6]



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