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It'll point you to anything you've lost in your life and you wish to find again.

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The Lost and Found is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the eighth episode.


Before First Curse

In Agrabah, Amara gifts her son, Cyrus, a compass called the Lost and Found, which will always point to something he has lost and wishes to find. With it, he cheats his way through a gambling card game and earns all the winnings. Upset at being tricked, the men who he conned later exact revenge by setting fire to Cyrus' home, where Amara is badly burned and on the brink of death. Desperate to save her, Cyrus and his brothers end up stealing magic water from Nyx's well to heal her, and for their theft, they are cursed to be genies for all eternity. ("Dirty Little Secrets")

During the one hundred years Cyrus spends as a genie granting the wishes of other people, he retains the Lost and Found. Yearning to see his mother again, the compass constantly points in Amara's direction, but one day, it stops completely. This leads him to believe Amara is dead, but with his knowledge, she is changed into a serpent staff by Jafar. ("The Serpent", "Home")

Meeting and falling in love with Cyrus, Alice chooses not to use the three wishes he promised her, and she decides to be with him instead. As they camp out one evening, she sees the Lost and Found around his neck. Cyrus then tells her about the compass' power and how it used to always direct him to his mother. After Alice is injured during an ambush, the White Rabbit warns him not to continue endangering her life with travels. Taking those words into consideration, Cyrus later trades the Lost and Found to the Caterpillar. In return, he is given a secret hideout in the Outlands for himself and Alice to stay in. ("Home")

After First Curse
When Cyrus begs Nyx to undo the genie curse on him and his brothers, she refuses unless the water they stole from her is returned. He believes it is impossible since Amara is dead, but Nyx senses his mother is indeed still alive somewhere. From this, Cyrus returns to the Caterpillar, distracting him and starting a brawl, as a shrunken Alice snatches the Lost and Found. In battle, Jafar uses his serpent staff to attack Alice and Cyrus, but its power ends up deflecting onto the sorcerer. The staff, knocked away, is grabbed by Cyrus, and when Jafar tries to reclaim it, the weapon thwarts the attempt. After the sorcerer is gone, Cyrus senses something familiar about the serpent staff's eyes and tests the compass on it. The Lost and Found, attuned to his wish to find his mother, points at the staff. ("Dirty Little Secrets", "Heart of the Matter")


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