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You were willing to give up your crown for the good of the kingdom, give up your life to get that helm. I only ever saw one person make a sacrifice like that, and it was your father. If you're not fit to lead the clans, no one is.
—Lord Macintosh to Merida src

Lord Macintosh is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the sixth episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by guest star Paul Telfer.

Lord Macintosh is based on Young Macintosh from the Disney/Pixar film, Brave.


After Second Curse

Lord Macintosh, as well as the rest of the clans, is present when King Fergus and Merida arrive at the camp where the clans await the arrival of invaders from the south. Someone taunts Merida behind her back, but when Fergus whirls around and threatens them, Lord Macintosh and the others act innocent, and Merida insists that Fergus leave it alone. He is also present during the following battle that takes King Fergus's life. ("The Bear King")

After these events, Merida is appointed next in line to the throne of DunBroch. The clans, not wanting their land to be governed by a woman, retaliate against Merida who's proven to be unfit to rule seeing as how she was unable to save her father. Lord Macintosh, along with Lord Dingwall and Lord MacGuffin, request that Merida marry one of them in order to become queen, but she refuses. In consequence for denying their proposal, the clans exile Queen Elinor and kidnap Merida's three brothers to make her surrender her claim to the throne or else her brothers are to be killed. ("The Dark Swan", "The Bear and the Bow")

Before Third Curse

After a couple of months, the leaders of the clans decide to execute Merida's brothers. They tie them up individually to a wooden post. Lord Macintosh announces to the people that as penance for refusing to give her hand in marriage, Merida will suffer the loss of her dear brothers. Soon after, Merida and Belle arrive to stop the execution. Merida then says she'll turn into a bear and kill all of them by drinking a magic potion, but when she drinks the liquid, nothing happens and the clans laugh at her. After she fails to stop them, the three lords turn to three boys and prepare their bows. They each shoot their arrows, but Merida also shoots. Merida's arrow pierces through, shattering the lords' projectiles and saving her brothers. Instead, they pull out their swords to fight, but Merida shows them how powerful she is with a bow that they dare not see what she's capable with a blade. The clan leaders surrender their allegiance to Merida, proving herself to be the rightful ruler of DunBroch. ("The Bear and the Bow")

Lord Macintosh is present at Merida's coronation, which is interrupted by the arrival of the Witch, who threatens to turn the entire kingdom into bears if they cannot either pay her or bring her back the Enchanted Helm she gave to King Fergus. Merida insists to the clans that she can find the helm, and Lord Macintosh waits while she attempts to do so. However, after discovering the helm's use and losing faith in her father, Merida becomes disheartened and promises Lord Macintosh that if he can find the helm, she will give the crown to him. He later shows up with a small army to help Merida, Mulan, and Ruby defeat King Arthur and Zelena, threatening to shoot them if they don't give Merida the helm. However, Zelena uses magic to teleport herself and Arthur back to Camelot before anyone can do anything. When Merida questions the clans on why they still want her as queen, Lord Macintosh tells her that she, like her father, was willing to give up the crown for the good of the kingdom, proving she is the rightful ruler, and bows to her. He is once again present at the second coronation. ("The Bear King")