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Henry: So where are we going?
Mr. Gold: Logan International Airport.
Henry Mills and Mr. Gold src

Logan International Airport is a Land Without Magic location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the thirteenth episode of the second season.


After First Curse

When Mr. Gold demands that Emma fulfills the long-standing favor she owes him by helping to find his son, Emma and her son Henry accompany him out of Storybrooke. As they cross the town line, Gold tells them that they're going to Logan International Airport. At the airport, the group receives their tickets before they head for the security checkpoint. Mr. Gold is told that he must put his shawl and cane so it can be scanned. Terrified of losing his memories, he refuses to be parted with the shawl, prompting an impatient business man to quip at him that "it's not rocket science". The man then asks him if he's ever been on a plane before. Irritated at the man's response, Mr. Gold grips his cane and angrily retorts, "Have you ever been impaled upon a cane before?" Emma stops him and apologizes to the business man, saying that Gold is nervous because they are headed to a family reunion. Emma promises Gold that she will help him and that she is not going to let him lose his menories, at which he reluctantly surrenders the shawl. After complying, he becomes confused and disorientated and feels his memories slipping, but they return once Emma returns the shawl to him. Afterward, Henry is excited to see a Cinnabon stand and runs toward it.

Later, as they wait at their departure gate, Mr. Gold is pacing nervously back and forth. Emma asks if he wants something to ear, but he declines. He then enters a restroom stall, and in a fit of rage caused by his earlier nervousness, he pounds a toilet roll dispenser until cutting his knuckle, but is not able to heal using magic. He only stops when Henry arrives to tell him they are going to board the plane soon. Eventually, the trio board the plane and await take-off. Henry is eating baked goods from Cinnabon and though he thinks they could use more frosting, he regards their travels excitedly. Gold, however, continues to act jittery, though Emma assures him that they will find his son. ("Tiny")



  • Henry, Emma, and Mr. Gold take an Ajira Airlines flight, an airline that appears on Lost.[1] The total time of their flight is 42 minutes; a recurring number on Lost. ("Tiny")

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