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What are you doing in here all by yourself?
Will to Lizard src

Lizard's House is a Wonderland location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the ninth episode.


Before First Curse

In Wonderland, a young woman named Lizard is homeless on the streets until being sheltered by Will Scarlet, who takes care of her. They become friends and begin working as Collectors. ("The Serpent")

After First Curse

Lizard now lives in a house in an unnamed village. One day, she unintentionally becomes Will's new lamp master, and while Will is having fun in the village with other people, she stays at home until he comes looking for her. Will guesses she is thinking about a guy she likes, but instead of confirming his suspicions, she asks what qualities he finds desirable in a woman. After hearing his list, Lizard uses her second wish to be granted the same qualities, however, when Will encourages her to go talk to her dream guy, she admits the one she loves is him. Will, while fond of Lizard, apologizes because love is no longer possible for himself. Lizard then wishes he would at least feel something for her, causing her to wish to be granted in the form of her own death, as a result of her careless words. As this was Lizard's final and third wish, Will is forced back into the bottle afterward. ("Nothing to Fear")

The Red Queen later comes in to take the bottle for herself, while Lizard's body is still there. The Jabberwocky also stops in to gouge out Lizard's open eyes, which she brings to a sorcerer known as Jafar, who uses his magic to detect that those dead eyes saw the Red Queen enter the house to claim the bottle. ("Dirty Little Secrets")


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