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It doesn't have to be love. I just... I just wish you could at least feel something for me. Anything.

—Lizard to Will when making her final deadly wish src

Elizabeth, better known as Lizard, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She débuts in the fourth episode and is portrayed by guest star Lauren McKnight.

Lizard is based on Bill the Lizard from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Bill the Lizard from the animated Disney film Alice in Wonderland.


Before First Curse

In Wonderland, Lizard is homeless on the streets until being sheltered by Will Scarlet, who takes care of her. They become friends and begin working as Collectors who track down those who owe unpaid debts to the Caterpillar. She learns he was once in love with a woman named Anastasia until she broke his heart. Unbeknownst to Knave, Lizard herself falls in love with him. After he disappears, she continues working for the Caterpillar. ("The Serpent", "Nothing to Fear")

After First Curse

On orders by the Caterpillar, Lizard is told to capture the Knave of Hearts, who she recalls as her friend Will Scarlet. As a Collector, she obeys the Caterpillar's command and chases after the suspect once he and his companion, Alice, split up. Before she closes in on Knave, the Red Queen knocks her out and kidnaps him. Returning to the Caterpillar's place, Lizard finds Alice there and explains how Knave was captured by the Red Queen. Alice decides to rescue him, so Lizard agrees to help since Knave owes her many debts, but she later admits they are old friends. Reminiscing about their past, Lizard notes they used to pick pocket for fun. Alice is surprised at this revelation, to which the latter mentions Knave went through a difficult period after a woman named Anastasia broke his heart. Soon, they discover from a poster that Knave will be publicly executed at the Red Queen's castle. Blending in with the awaiting crowd, Alice disguises herself as the executioner and saves Knave, escaping him by firing themselves into a cannon, which lands them in a maze, where they regroup with Lizard. Lizard leads them straight to the exit, but the sorcerer Jafar and the Red Queen stop them. She hastily moves to defend her friends by throwing a dagger at Jafar, who blocks it, and knocks her unconscious. While she is out cold, Jafar turns Knave into a stone statue. By nightfall, Lizard witnesses, to her confusion, the Red Queen longingly caressing the statue of Knave. ("The Serpent")

After bathing in the river, Lizard picks up a bottle and begins cleaning it, and to her surprise, Knave comes out from within it, as he recently become a genie. As his new master, she is promised three wishes. While in town, she asks for one wish of hers to be granted before allowing Knave to go. Lizard desperately wants Knave to love her as she does him, but before she can voice her first wish, he announces one of the laws of magic, which prohibit using a wish to make someone fall in love. Since her one desire is impossible, Lizard decides to use a wish to give Knave something he wants, which is beer. While Knave has fun with the town inhabitants, she stays home until he comes looking for her. From the starry-eyed look on her eyes, he easily guesses that she is in love with someone. She refuses to state the man's name and instead asks him what kind of qualities he finds desirable in a woman. After he lists them, Lizard eagerly demands to be granted the same traits, and the second wish is used to transform her into a feminine and lavishly dressed young lady. Knave pushes her to strike up conversation with her dream guy, but she balks until admitting the man she loves has always been him. Afterwards, Knave apologizes, stating he is very fond of her, but love is no longer possible for him. She insists that what he feels for her doesn't have to be love, but wishes for it to be at least something; anything. Having used the word "wish", Lizard inevitably uses her last and third wish, which causes her untimely death as a helpless Knave is forced back into the bottle, hence making him feel guilty. ("Nothing to Fear")

The Jabberwocky later discovers Lizard's body, with her eyes still open, and gouges them out to give to Jafar. The sorcerer then uses them to view the last person her eyes saw after death: the Red Queen. ("Dirty Little Secrets")


Character Notes

Production Notes

  • The casting call describes her as, "a 25-year-old adorable tomboy."[1] Also described as, "Elizabeth, a native of Wonderland who finds herself entangled in Alice's quest. Word on the street is that Elizabeth is also known as The Lizard."[2]

Prop Notes

Costume Notes


  • In the wide shot of the crowd preparing for Will's execution at the Wonderland castle, Alice and Lizard can be seen at the back of the crowd.[6] In the wide shot of the watermelon flying in the air, the pair have disappeared,[7] before reappearing in the following shot.[8] ("The Serpent")



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