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This page lists fictional plants and fungi featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and its Expanded Universe.

Fairy Tale Land Species

Camelot Species

Crimson Crown

The Crimson Crown is a Camelot fungus.
Main article: Crimson Crown

Merlin's Tree

Merlin's Tree is a Camelot plant. It first appears in the second episode of the fifth season. Nimue used the Dark One Dagger and a tear of Merlin's broken heart to turn him into a tree. The tree can telepathically communicate with people. Emma used the same elements to turn him back into a man. ("The Price", "The Broken Kingdom", "Dreamcatcher", "The Bear and the Bow" (mentioned))


Middlemists are Camelot plants.
Main article: Middlemists

Enchanted Forest Species


The Beanstalk is an Enchanted Forest plant.
Main article: Beanstalk

Enchanted Trees

Enchanted Trees are Enchanted Forest plants.
Main article: Enchanted Trees

Gaston's Rose

Gaston's Rose is an Enchanted Forest plant. It appears in the twelfth episode of the first season. When Gaston breaks into the Dark castle to demand Belle be released, Rumplestiltskin turns him into a rose. Belle later cuts the bottom stem and puts the upper half of the rose in a vase.


Poppies are Enchanted Forest plants.
Main article: Ground Poppy Dust

Magic Bean Plants

Magic Bean Plants is an Enchanted Forest plant.
Main article: Magic Beans

Night Root

Night Root is an Enchanted Forest plant.
Main article: Night Root

Poisoned Apple

The Poisoned Apple is an Enchanted Forest plant.
Main article: Poisoned Apple

Tree of Wisdom

The Tree of Wisdom is an Enchanted Forest plant.
Main article: Tree of Wisdom

True Love Sapling

The True Love Sapling is an Enchanted Forest plant. It appears in the seventh episode of the sixth season. It is a magic sapling born by the first spark of True Love between Snow White and Prince Charming. When the Dark Curse swept through the Enchanted Forest, the sapling was transported to an underground tunnel in Storybrooke.

Land Without Magic Species

Dopey's Tree

Dopey's Tree is a Land Without Magic plant. It appears in the second episode of the fifth season. This plant is Dopey in tree form after he crosses the town line under the third curse. (The Price", "Siege Perilous" (mentioned), "Swan Song" (mentioned), "The Other Shoe" (mentioned))

Magical Rose

The Magical Rose is a Land Without Magic plant.
Main article: Magical Rose

Poisonous Spore Plants

Poisonous Spore Plants are Land Without Magic plants. They first appear in the sixth episode of the seventh season. After a group of humans destroy the tree nymphs' grove and Gothel's fellow tree nymphs, she takes her revenge making the spore plants grow into the building and expel poisonous spores, killing all the remaining humans in the room, in addition to decimating the rest of the human population in the Land Without Magic. Thousands of years later, in the New Enchanted Forest, Drizella makes her way to the ruins of Gothel's old tower. She opens a box and releases one of Gothel's monstrous plants, which almost kills her, but she is saved by Regina. ("Wake Up Call", "Flower Child")

Neverland Species


Dreamshade is a Neverland plant.
Main article: Dreamshade

New Wonderland Species

New Wonderland Toadstools

New Wonderland Toadstools are New Wonderland fungi.
Main article: New Wonderland Toadstools

Underworld Species


Ambrosia is an Underworld plant. It appears in the twentieth episode of the fifth season. Also known as the food of the gods, ambrosia is so powerful that they absorb all the magic around them. One of their magical properties is to allow their eater to escape the Underworld. They grow in a temple at a far down point of the Underworld. To access to the field, one test must be completed. Unbeknownst to everyone, Hades cut the tree of the Ambrosia, so the plant disappeared.

Wonderland Species

Birdbark Trees

Birdbark Trees are Wonderland plants. They appear in the seventh episode of the spin-off series. It is a tree that is able to fly by agitating its leaves. Alice and Will used birdbark tree branches to build a flying basket to reach Jafar's tower.

Boro Grove's Spore Flowers

Boro Grove's Spore Flowers are Wonderland plants. They appear in the sixth episode of the spin-off series. The spore flowers grow on trunks of Boro Grove trees, and they exude a purple-pinkish cloud of fog that gives off a fragrant perfume. Those that inhale the scent are plagued with almost instant amnesia and are drawn into a lively stupor of wanting to stay in the Boro Grove. If the person stays in this state after a short period of time, he or she will begin turning into a Boro Grove tree. The spore flowers affect humans, except for those who don't have their hearts.


Grapevines are Wonderland plants. They appear in the eighth episode of the spin-off series. This plant has the ability to transmit sounds through its vines. When Cyrus is trapped in its vines, and while wrestling to untangle himself, the grapevine broadcasts his sounds of struggle miles away in the maze. Tweedledum hears Cyrus through the grapevine and prepares to report this to the Red Queen.

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are Wonderland fungi.
Main article: Magic Mushrooms

Tumtum Tree

The Tumtum Tree is a Wonderland plant. It appears in the second episode of the spin-off series. This tree grows in the Mimsy Meadows. Alice lied about burying Cyrus' bottle under the Tumtum tree (spelled with a capital T in the novel Through the Looking-Glass) in order to give Jafar a false lead.

Species of Unknown Origins

Pixie Flowers

Pixie Flowers are plants of unknown origin.
Main article: Pixie Flowers
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