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This page lists canon and background music for Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Most of the music was composed by Mark Isham.

List of Canon Music

S 1st Ep Track Name Notes
1 01 "Give a Little Whistle" - Leigh Harline and Ned Washington Archie is heard whistling this song as he walks away from Emma and Henry.
"Whistle While You Work" - Frank Churchill and Larry Morey Leroy is whistling this song when he is in jail with Emma.
1 03 "Red River Valley" - Lloyd Green The song is playing at Granny's Diner during Mary Margaret and Dr. Whale’s date.
1 08 "Kool Thing" - Sonic Youth Emma is listening the song on her boombox, while she is "fixing" a toaster.
1 14 "Heigh-Ho" - Frank Churchill and Larry Morey The dwarves are whistling this song as they are off to work. Leroy is also whistling the song when he walks in to ask if he can sign up to help sell candles.
1 15 "Settling In" - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings The song is playing at Granny's Diner when Ruby walks into it to get lunch for Emma.
1 16 "With a Smile and a Song" - Frank Churchill and Larry Morey Snow White hums this song as she is cleaning the dwarves' cottage.
1 19 "Origins" - Tennis The song is playing during Mary Margaret's homecoming party.
2 01 "Charley’s Girl" - Lou Reed Neal is listening the song on his iPod.
2 08 "I Want To Tell You" - The Brymers The song is playing at Granny's Diner during Mr. Gold and Belle’s date.
2 12 "Star Wars Main Theme" - John Williams Greg uses this music as ringtone.
2 17 "This Must Be the Place (Native Melody)" - Talking Heads The radio beside Kurt and Owen’s campsite is playing this song.
2 18 "Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett While practicing archery in the woods, Mary Margaret is listening this song.
"Got It" - Gabriela This song is playing at Granny's Diner during Greg and Regina’s chat.
2 19 "The Day That Never Comes" - Metallica The song is playing at The Rabbit Hole as Mr. Gold walks into it.
"Love Is Alive" - Gary Wright The song is playing at The Rabbit Hole while Lacey is at the jukebox machine.
"Fill a Heart (Child Hunger Ends Here)" - Tori Kelly The song is playing at Granny's Diner during Mr. Gold and Lacey's date.
3 07 "Ghosts in the Room" - Anny Celsi The song is playing at Granny's Diner when Belle is refusing to eat her hamburger.
3 10 "A Pebble In My Sand" - The Fallen Angels The song is playing at Granny's Diner when Tinker Bell is talking to Mother Superior.
4 01 "Beauty and the Beast" - Howard Ashman and Alan Menken" An instrumental version of this song is playing on the gramophone while Mr. Gold and Belle are dancing to it.
4 14 "Once Upon a Dream" - Jack Lawrence and Sammy Fain Aurora is humming the song in her palace.
4 15 "Part of Your World" - Alan Menken and Howard Ashman
New cover by Mark Isham
Ursula vocalizes the song when she tries to charm the Jolly Roger's crew, and when Poseidon is returning her singing voice.
"Fathoms Below" - Alan Menken and Howard Ashman
New cover by Mark Isham
Ursula sings the song at the tavern.
"Soave sia il vento" from Così fan tutte - Mozart Ursula is listening to the tune on her radio.
4 18 "Cruella De Vil"[1]
New cover by Mark Isham
Cruella is listening the music on her radio, and the song is later played at Murray's Club.
4 21 "Jingle Belle Rock" - Bobby Helms The song is playing in the television store where Isaac is working.
4 22 "Shambala" - Three Dog Night The song is playing at Granny's Diner when everyone is celebrating the end of the alternate universe.
5 02 "Only You" - Yazoo Henry plays the song on his iPod and on the diner's jukebox when he first meets Violet Morgan in Camelot and Storybrooke, respectively.
5 03 "Good Love" - The Murmaids The song is playing at Granny's Diner when Hook and Robin Hood are discussing about Zelena's sonogram.
"The Night That You Left" - Phil Parlapiano The song is playing at Granny's Diner when Hook asks Robin Hood how to break into Emma's cave, and when Belle notices that the last petal of the Magical Rose is falling.
5 11 "Once Again" - Krisanthi Pappas The song is playing at Granny's Diner while Emma is leaving a letter to her family.
5 12 "Violin Concerto No. 2 In B Minor, Op. 7, Ms 48" - Niccolò Paganini While he is getting a pedicure, Hades listens this music in his lair.
5 19 "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" - The Ink Spots Hades and Zelena are listening this song on Hades' car radio during their date. It is also playing at the Underbrooke Diner while Hades is setting the table for another date.
5 23 "Jessie's Girl" - Rick Springfield The server is listening to this song on his headphones, while on his way to Mr. Gold's hotel room.
6 08 "In My Dreams" - Ruth B Henry and Violet dance to this song at Granny's Diner.
6 10 "Someday My Prince Will Come" - Larry Morey and Frank Churchill Emma is humming the song while picking flowers in the Wish Realm.
6 19 Fiona's Lullaby Fiona sings a lullaby to baby Rumplestiltskin. She would later be seen singing the same lullaby, when she confronts Mother Superior in the Storybrooke Mines.
6 20 "Powerful Magic" Snow and Charming sing this song.
6 20 "The Queen Sings" The Evil Queen sings this song.
6 20 "Love Doesn't Stand a Chance" The Evil Queen sings this song.
6 20 "Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine" Hook sings this song.
6 20 "Wicked Always Wins" Zelena sings this song.
6 20 "Charmings vs. Evil Queen" Snow and Charming have a sing off with the Evil Queen.
6 20 "Emma's Theme" Emma sings this song.
6 20 "A Happy Beginning" This song is sung at Emma and Hook's wedding by Emma, Hook, Snow, David, Regina, Zelena, Henry, and the rest of the wedding guests.
7 1 "Fool for Love" - Lord Huron This song is playing during one of Henry's shifts at Swyft.

List of Background Music

Season One

Track Name First Appearance
"Once Upon a Time Orchestral Suite"[2] "Pilot"
"Chega De Ficar Remix" - Aaron Bingle "Pilot"[3]
"Howlin' For You" - The Black Keys "Pilot"
"The Lonely Cupcake"[4] "Pilot"
"Henry's Proposal"[2] "Pilot"
"Dealing With Rumplestiltskin"[2] "Pilot"
"Unhappy Endings"[2] "Pilot"
"Hope Will Return"[2] "Pilot"
"The Clock Moves"[2] "Pilot"
"Happy Ending Beginning"[5] "Pilot"
"Time is Frozen Here"[5] "Pilot"
"A Fairy in the War Room"[5] "Pilot"
"The Faith of Sister Mary Margaret"[5] "Pilot"
"Main Title"[6] "The Thing You Love Most"
"Don't Be Shy" - Cat Stevens "The Thing You Love Most"
"The Queen's Curse"[2] "The Thing You Love Most"
"Emma and Henry"[2] "The Thing You Love Most"
"Regina's Missing Pages"[7] "The Thing You Love Most"
"Henry Explains Operation Cobra"[7] "The Thing You Love Most"
"What The Queen Loves Most"[2] "The Thing You Love Most"
"Please"[7] "The Thing You Love Most"
"John Doe is All Alone"[8] "Snow Falls"
"Prince Charming Story"[8] "Snow Falls"
"He Woke Up"[8] "Snow Falls"
"T(r)oll Bridge (Snow & Charming)"[9] "Snow Falls"
"Snow Tries On The Ring"[8] "Snow Falls"
"Cinderella"[2] "The Price of Gold"
"Enjoy Your Cocoa"[10] "The Price of Gold"
"Gold Hires Emma"[10] "The Price of Gold"
"Wedding Dance"[2] "The Price of Gold"
"Advising Ashley"[2] "The Price of Gold"
"Buckle Up"[10] "The Price of Gold"
"The Plan to Stop Rumplegoldskin"[10] "The Price of Gold"
"If The Shoe Fits"[2] "The Price of Gold"
"Jiminy Cricket"[2] "That Still Small Voice"
"Crickets Are Free"[11] "That Still Small Voice"
"Things Are Changing In Storybrooke"[2] "That Still Small Voice"
"First Piece of Snow's Coffin"[11] "That Still Small Voice"
"The Shepherd"[12] "The Shepherd"
"Between a Rock and a Gold Place"[12] "The Shepherd"
"David Chooses Kathryn"[12] "The Shepherd"
"MM and Whale"[12] "The Shepherd"
"The Road To True Love"[2] "The Shepherd"
"The Huntsman"[2] "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"
"Graham's Desperate Passion"[13] "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"
"Memories of Another Life"[13] "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"
"I Felt That"[13] "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"
"Regina's Main Squeeze"[13] "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"
"The Family Compass"[2] "True North"
"Burn The Witch"[2] "True North"
"The Man With The Wooden Box"[2] "True North"
"The Genie's Wishes"[2] "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"
"Belle's Story"[2] "Skin Deep"
"Rumplestiltskin In Love"[2] "Skin Deep"
"The Siren"[2] "What Happened to Frederick"
"Dwarves"[2] "Dreamy"
"Ruby and Granny"[6] "Red-Handed"
"Meet the Jefferson"[6] "Hat Trick"
"The Hedge Maze"[6] "Hat Trick"
"Regina's True Love"[6] "The Stable Boy"
"A Real Boy"[6] "The Stranger"
"Belief"[14] "A Land Without Magic"
"True Love"[6] "A Land Without Magic"
"Magic"[6] "A Land Without Magic"

Season Two

Track Name First Appearance
"Sleeping Beauty"[6] "Broken"
"Another Season, Another Monster"[15] "Broken"
"Storybrooke Aftermath"[16] "Broken"
"Rumple Makes a Promise"[16] "Broken"
"Strong Words From Mulan"[16] "Broken"
"Monster With a Heart of Gold"[15] "Broken"
"Of Sacrifice"[16] "Broken"
"Branding Regina"[16] "Broken"
"Wraith Released"[16] "Broken"
"Phillip's Sad Kiss"[16] "Broken"
"Aurora Finds Mulan"[16] "Broken"
"We Are Both"[6] "We Are Both"
"The Duelists"[6] "The Crocodile"
"To Neverland!"[6] "The Crocodile"
"Science!"[6] "The Doctor"
"Tallahassee"[6] "Tallahassee"
"Emma and Hook's Theme"[17] "Tallahassee"[18]
"The Girl In The Fiery Dream"[19] "Child of the Moon"
"In a Burning Room"[6] "Into the Deep"
"Storybrooke Reunions"[6] "Queen of Hearts"
"The Lady Jack"[6] "Tiny"
"This Boy Will Be Your Undoing"[6] "Manhattan"
"Snow White in Black"[6] "The Queen Is Dead"
"Cora's Waltz"[6] "The Miller's Daughter"
"How Magic is Made"[6] "The Miller's Daughter"
"One Perfect Day After Another"[6] "Welcome to Storybrooke"
"Bae and the Shadow"[6] "Second Star to the Right"
"Tamara Shows Her True Colors"[6] "Second Star to the Right"
"The Adventure Begins"[6] "And Straight On 'Til Morning"

Season Three

Track Name First Appearance
"The Birth of Henry"[20] "The Heart of the Truest Believer"
"Peter Pan"[21] "The Heart of the Truest Believer"
"The Lost Girl"[21] "Lost Girl"
"Tinkerbell and Regina"[21] "Quite a Common Fairy"
"Present Tense"[21] "Quite a Common Fairy"
"The Pied Piper"[21] "Nasty Habits"
"Sky Sailing"[21] "Good Form"
"Tension"[22] "Good Form"[23]
"Ariel"[21] "Ariel"
"Wendy Darling"[21] "Dark Hollow"
"Return to Storybrooke"[21] "Save Henry"
"Dick In A Box"[24] "Save Henry"
"The Price for Regina"[21] "Going Home"
"Unhappy Ending"[21] "Going Home"
"Almost Married A Monkey"[21] "New York City Serenade"
"Regina-Robin"[22] "New York City Serenade"
"Flying Monkey Attack"[25] "New York City Serenade"
"The Highjacked Castle"[25] "New York City Serenade"
"The Wicked Witch"[26] "New York City Serenade"
"The Emma That Never Was"[21] "The Tower"
"The Witch and the Dagger"[21] "The Tower"
"Rapunzel Returns"[21] "The Tower"
"Lumiere"[21] "Quiet Minds"
"The Lion Tattoo"[21] "Quiet Minds"
"A True Sacrifice"[21] "Quiet Minds"
"A Hero's Funeral"[21] "It's Not Easy Being Green"
"The Wizard"[21] "It's Not Easy Being Green"
"Blackbeard"[21] "The Jolly Roger"
"Glinda The Good Witch"[21] "A Curious Thing"
"Two Hooks"[27] "Snow Drifts"
"Waltzing Emma"[21] "Snow Drifts"
"Wedding In The Woods"[21] "There's No Place Like Home"
"Bringing Bad"[21] "There's No Place Like Home"

Season Four

Track Name First Appearance
"Anna and Elsa"[21] "A Tale of Two Sisters"
"The Hat Box"[21] "A Tale of Two Sisters"
"Bo Peep Battle"[21] "White Out"
"The Knave"[21] "Rocky Road"
"The Dark One's Apprentice"[21] "The Apprentice
"Emma and Elsa"[21] "Breaking Glass"
"What The Snow Queen Wants"[21] "Breaking Glass"
"Oaken's"[21] "Family Business"
"Kite Flying"[21] "The Snow Queen"
"Magic Gone Wrong"[28] "The Snow Queen"
"Rumple's Puppet"[22] "Smash the Mirror"
"Emma's Magic"[21] "Smash the Mirror"
"The Snow Queen's Spell"[21] "Fall"
"Ingrid's End"[21] "Shattered Sight"
"Queens of Darkness"[21] "Heroes and Villains"
"Chernobog Problems"[21] "Darkness on the Edge of Town"
"Maleficent"[21] "Unforgiven"
"Ursula"[21] "Poor Unfortunate Soul"
"Transferring Darkness"[21] "Best Laid Plans"
"The Author"[21] "Best Laid Plans"
"Hood Heroics"[21] "Heart of Gold"
"The Most Vile Villain"[21] "Heart of Gold"
"Cruella's Sewing Project"[21] "Sympathy for the De Vil"
"The Obstacle"[22] "Mother"
"Emma Swan, The Dark One"[21] "Operation Mongoose Part 2"

Season Five

Track Name First Appearance
"The Siege Perilous"[29] "Siege Perilous"
""Fixing" A Broken Kingdom"[30] "The Broken Kingdom"
"Henry and Violet"[28] "Dreamcatcher"
"Tension"[28] "Dreamcatcher"[23]
"Emma, Dark One"[31] "Nimue"
"Tethering Hook"[30] "Birth"
"True Queen of the Clans"[32] "The Bear King"
"A Father's Pride"[29] "The Bear King"
"The Sacrifice"[33] "Swan Song"
"The Death of Killian Jones"[30] "Swan Song"
"They're All Going To Hell"[30] "Swan Song"
"Underworld"[32] "Souls of the Departed"
"Hades and Henrys"[29] "Souls of the Departed"
"Hades"[32] "Souls of the Departed"
"Hercules and Meg"[29] "Labor of Love"
"Henry's Choice"[34] "The Brothers Jones"
"Over the Highest Bar"[35] "The Brothers Jones"
"Zelena's Very Own Underworld"[29] "Our Decay"
"Gingham Clue"[36] "Ruby Slippers"
"When Ruby Met Dorothy"[36] "Ruby Slippers"
"Love's A Funny Thing"[36] "Ruby Slippers"
"True Love's Kiss Does It Again"[36] "Ruby Slippers"
"Will You Make Chaos With Me?"[37] "Sisters"
"The Mills Women"[37] "Sisters"
"Time to Play Shepherd"[37] "Sisters"
"Payback's A Bitch"[38] "Firebird"
"Farewell Promises"[38] "Firebird"
"Emma's Shiny New Armor"[38] "Firebird"
"Hades's Ace"[38] "Firebird"
"Orpheus and Eurydice"[38] "Firebird"
"A Healthy Dose of Hope"[39] "Last Rites"
"Say Hello to My Little Friend"[39] "Last Rites"
"With You Always"[39] "Last Rites"
"Robin's Sacrifice"[29] "Last Rites"
"Robin"[39] "Last Rites"
"Operation Mixtape and the Greater Good"[40] "Only You"
"Once Upon a Many Times"[41] "Only You"
"The Only Bad Plan We've Got"[41] "Only You"
"The Man, The Myth, The Legend"[41] "Only You"
"From Jekyll To Hyde"[41] "Only You"
"Straight Jacketed"[42] "An Untold Story"
"The Land Of Untold Stories"[29] "An Untold Story"
"Room Service"[42] "An Untold Story"
"Make A Wish"[42] "An Untold Story"
"Successful Mixtape Leads To Make Out"[42] "An Untold Story"
"She's Back!"[42] "An Untold Story"

Season Six

Track Name First Appearance
"Aladdin and Jafar"[43] "The Savior"
"Emma's Tremmas"[43] "The Savior"
"That Caged Look"[43] "The Savior"
"An Hour to Fall in Love"[43] "The Savior"
"A Better Ending"[43] "The Savior"
"A Cordial Invite"[44] "A Bitter Draught"
"The Count of Monte Cristo"[44] "A Bitter Draught"
"Planting Seeds of Darkness"[44] "A Bitter Draught"
"Witch Sister?"[44] "A Bitter Draught"
"Lasagna Fit For A King"[45] "The Other Shoe"
"Look for the Cracks"[45] "The Other Shoe"
"Meet the Prince Ball"[45] "The Other Shoe"
"Only Mother Gets to Say No"[45] "The Other Shoe"
"Rumple's New Do"[46] "Strange Case"
"The Errand Dwarf"[46] "Strange Case"
"Simply Made That Way"[46] "Strange Case"
"The Real Villain"[46] "Strange Case"
"There Was Something About Mary"[46] "Strange Case"
"Serum on the Dagger"[47] "Strange Case"
"Street Rats, Take That!"[48] "Street Rats"
"Diamond in the Rough"[48] "Street Rats"
"No Moracle"[48] "Street Rats"
"Psycho Analyst"[48] "Street Rats"
"Endings Usually Suck"[48] "Street Rats"
"A Shear Problem"[49] "Dark Waters"
"Welcome to the Nautilus"[49] "Dark Waters"
"Henry Needs to Chill"[49] "Dark Waters"
"Eight Arms, A Hook, And A Harpoon"[49] "Dark Waters"
"Finding Nemo"[49] "Dark Waters"
"The Little Bit More"[49] "Heartless"
"The Wood Cutter's Wagon"[49] "Heartless"
"Visions of True Love"[49] "Heartless"
"Making Out in a Bed of Lies"[49] "Heartless"
"Colours" - Donovan "I'll Be Your Mirror"
"Team Bellena"[50] "I'll Be Your Mirror"
"The Little Prince"[50] "I'll Be Your Mirror"
"The Darkest Hearts Club"[50] "I'll Be Your Mirror"
"The Genie's Lamp"[50] "I'll Be Your Mirror"
"Stop, It's Hammer Time"[50] "I'll Be Your Mirror"
"Follow the Strand"[51] "Changelings"
"Everything But Forgiveness"[51] "Changelings"
"Belle's Ready to Burst"[51] "Changelings"
"The Black Fairy"[51] "Changelings"
"Why Emma Fights"[51] "Changelings"
"Princess Emma Has It All"[52] "Wish You Were Here"
"Got Her By The Lamp"[52] "Wish You Were Here"
"The Black Fairy Happened"[52] "Wish You Were Here"
"These Wishes Are Nightmares"[52] "Wish You Were Here"
"Emma Snaps Out Of It"[53] "Wish You Were Here"
"My Name is Swan, Emma Swan"[54] "Tougher Than the Rest"
"Terribly Misguided Gideon"[54] "Tougher Than the Rest"
"Lay Off the Rum"[54] "Tougher Than the Rest"
"Bring Him Back"[54] "Tougher Than the Rest"
"The Amazing Emma Swan"[54] "Tougher Than the Rest"
"Hook's Got A Ring"[55] "Murder Most Foul"
"David's Lucky Coin"[55] "Murder Most Foul"
"I'm Also Your Father?"[55] "Murder Most Foul"
"King George Has It Coming"[55] "Murder Most Foul"
"Dead Men Tell No Tales"[55] "Murder Most Foul"
"Feelings"[56] "Murder Most Foul"
"Hook's Moral Dilemma"[57] "Ill-Boding Patterns"
"People to Rob, Places to Drink, Women to Meet"[57] "Ill-Boding Patterns"
"Finding Courage in Rum"[57] "Ill-Boding Patterns"
"Yes"[58] "Ill-Boding Patterns"
"Robin's New Tour Guide"[57] "Ill-Boding Patterns"
"The Perpetual Optimist"[59] "Page 23"
"Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"[59] "Page 23"
"Regina Shares the Love"[59] "Page 23"
"Choosing Another Chance"[59] "Page 23"
"Emma Waits"[59] "Page 23"
"Indecent Proposal"[60] "A Wondrous Place"
"Ladies Night"[60] "A Wondrous Place"
"Artisanal Drinks"[60] "A Wondrous Place"
"Mermaid on a Magic Carpet"[60] "A Wondrous Place"
"Conveniently Jafar"[60] "A Wondrous Place"
"Jasmine of Agrabah!"[60] "A Wondrous Place"
"What A Deal!"[61] "A Wondrous Place"
"Depths of Depravity"[62] "Mother's Little Helper"
"Henry's Frenzy"[62] "Mother's Little Helper"
"A Good Plan (At The Time)"[62] "Mother's Little Helper"
"Author Powers & Hamilton Tickets"[62] "Mother's Little Helper"
"Double Crossing Pirates"[62] "Mother's Little Helper"
"Tangled Up in Charlotte's Web"[63] "Mother's Little Helper"
"A Dark Family Meant to Be"[64] "Awake"
"Tiger Lily"[64] "Awake"
"The Right Way"[64] "Awake"
"Breaking the Curse Together"[64] "Awake"
"The Price Rumple is Willing to Pay"[64] "Awake"
"Mommy's Gotta Pluck That Fairy's Wings"[65] "Where Bluebirds Fly"
"Not Today"[65] "Where Bluebirds Fly"
"Vegas Baby!"[65] "Where Bluebirds Fly"
"The Cowardly Lion"[65] "Where Bluebirds Fly"
"The Right Thing for the Right Reason"[65] "Where Bluebirds Fly"
"Zelena's Ticket Back to Oz"[66] "Where Bluebirds Fly"
"Strong Family Emotions"[67] "The Black Fairy"
"Mayor Pants"[67] "The Black Fairy"
"Black and Blue"[67] "The Black Fairy"
"Hook's Best Man"[67] "The Black Fairy"
"An Affinity for the Darker Things in Life"[67] "The Black Fairy"
"The Next Madonna"[68] "The Song in Your Heart"
"The Wish That Brought Music"[68] "The Song in Your Heart"
"Emma's Dress"[68] "The Song in Your Heart"
"Rumple Won't Sing"[68] "The Song in Your Heart"
"Emma Was Never Alone"[68] "The Song in Your Heart"
"I Do"[68] "The Song in Your Heart"
"Emma Doesn't Believe"[69] "The Final Battle Part 1"
"Not Ready to Burn the Book"[69] "The Final Battle Part 1"
"Operation Cuckoo's Nest"[69] "The Final Battle Part 1"
"A Bit of a Fairy Problem"[69] "The Final Battle Part 1"
"True Belief Fades"[69] "The Final Battle Part 1"
"Never Lose Hope"[70] "The Final Battle Part 2"
"The Hero Emma Wants To Be"[70] "The Final Battle Part 2"
"Agoraphobic Belle"[70] "The Final Battle Part 2"
"No Longer Willing to Pay the Price"[70] "The Final Battle Part 2"
"Once Upon A Time Happily Ever After, Pt I - II"[71] "The Final Battle Part 2"

Season Seven

Track Name First Appearance
"Hyperion Heights and a True Love"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Meet Me At Roni’s"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"The Twist"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Introducing Victoria Belfrey"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Lucy’s Wish"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Icebreaker on the House"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Start Over Waltz"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Weaver"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Not Your Story"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Lucy Believes"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Operation Glass Slipper"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Good Cop Bad Cop?"[72] "Hyperion Heights"
"Henry’s Message"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Just a Character in a Book"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Second Chances are Earned"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Obey"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Be Careful Around Weaver"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Old Dog Has Tricks"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Catching Up with Mom"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Emma’s Big News"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Frame Job"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Wish Hook’s Second Chance"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Operation Next Chapter"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Let’s Get to Work"[73] "A Pirate's Life"
"Tiana to the Rescue"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"Good Story, Bad Thing"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"Demolition Day"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"What Lies Below?"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"Under Hyperion Heights"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"The Professionals"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"A Lose Lose Situation"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"Finesse"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"Roni’s Words of Wisdom"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"Stick it to the Woman"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"Forgive Yourself"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"Come Into the Light"[74] "The Garden of Forking Paths"
"A Dad With His Camera"[75] "Beauty"
"The Masks We Wear"[75] "Beauty"
"A Trash Problem"[75] "Beauty"
"Who Are You?"[75] "Beauty"
"Friendly Neighborhood Bartender"[75] "Beauty"
"Marmalade & Pill Sandwich"[75] "Beauty"
"The Edge of Realms"[75] "Beauty"
"A Lifetime Together"[75] "Beauty"
"The Scary Thing"[75] "Beauty"
"Belle’s Sun Sets"[75] "Beauty"
"Officer Down"[75] "Beauty"
"Dabbling in Chess"[75] "Beauty"
"Belief is a Weed"[76] "Greenbacks"
"In Need of a Good Man"[76] "Greenbacks"
"Betting It All On Beignets"[76] "Greenbacks"
"Rogers’ Right Hook"[76] "Greenbacks"
"Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice"[76] "Greenbacks"
"Dr Facilier"[76] "Greenbacks"
"Wreck It, Ralph"[76] "Greenbacks"
"Tiana’s True Colors"[76] "Greenbacks"
"Frogs With Feelings"[76] "Greenbacks"
"Not All Daughters are Created Equal"[76] "Greenbacks"
"Who’s Playing Who"[76] "Greenbacks"
"How to Use a Wrench"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Patience and Destruction"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Regina’s New Student"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Mix Tapes Always Work"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Drizella’s Magical Motivation"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"A Piece Off the Board"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Roni’s Regina Revelation"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Drizella Darkens Her Heart"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Welcome Back Regina"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Men Still Need Moms"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Getting to Know You"[77] "Wake Up Call"
"Not a Good Look"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Obsession is a Dangerous Thing"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Hooking Up the Tower"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Bold as Well as Brave"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Belfrey’s Got the Dirt on Drizella"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Reluctantly Discouraging"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Fake News"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"A Cop with a Problem"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Golden Flower"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Gnome Problemo"[79] "Eloise Gardener"
"Rogers Won’t Let It Go"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Smee’s Big Promotion"[78] "Eloise Gardener"
"Alice’s Name"[78] "Eloise Gardener"

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Track Name First Appearance
"Home"[80] "Down the Rabbit Hole"
"Welcome to Bethlam"[81] "Down the Rabbit Hole"
"Alice's Rescue"[81] "Down the Rabbit Hole"
"S'More Shenanigans"[81] "Down the Rabbit Hole"
"Grand Theft Wish"[81] "Down the Rabbit Hole"
"Bad Kitty"[81] "Down the Rabbit Hole"
"Into the Unknown"[81] "Down the Rabbit Hole"



  • Mark Isham has composed over 1600 tracks of music between both Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.[82]
  • About 24 minutes of new music is scored for each episode, with any additional music taken from previous episodes.[83]
  • Mark Isham has a massive notated theme index to keep track of all characters and concepts.[84]
  • Mark Isham sometimes writes themes for new characters based on scripts, but usually he writes them after the episode is edited.[85]
  • Each episode is usually scored after they are edited. Exceptions include ballroom scenes, where they send the music in advance so that they can film to them.[86]
  • In the middle of the Season, the scoring process for an episode is usually one week from spotting the episode to scoring stage.[87]
  • Each music cue is given a code made up of a string of numbers and letters. The typical format is the act number of the episode, "M" for piece of music, followed by the cue number within that act. Additional numbers and letters can be included at the end, such as "R" for revision. For example, the cue "Yes" from the episode "Ill-Boding Patterns" is coded as "6m4r", meaning it is the 4th cue in the 6th act and it's gone through some stage of revision.[88]
  • Mark Isham composed a track entitled "Shattered Heroes"[89] for the episode "Fall", but it was ultimately left unused.[90]
  • Mark Isham has been streaming portions of his scoring sessions on Periscope, beginning with the second half of Season Five:
Episode Date Special Attendee(s)
"The Brothers Jones" February 23, 2016[91]
"Our Decay" March 2, 2016[92]
"Her Handsome Hero" March 15, 2016[93]
"Ruby Slippers" March 28, 2016[94]
"Sisters" April 4, 2016[95]
"Firebird" April 11, 2016[96]
"Last Rites" April 19, 2016[97]
"Only You" April 26, 2016[98] Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas[99]
"An Untold Story" May 2, 2016[100]
"Strange Case" October 3, 2016[101]
"Street Rats" October 10, 2016[102] Karen David[103]
"Dark Waters" October 17, 2016[104]
"Wish You Were Here" November 20, 2016[105] Jennifer Morrison[106]
"Page 23" February 27, 2017[107]
"A Wondrous Place" March 6, 2017[108]
"Where Bluebirds Fly" April 3, 2017[109]
"The Black Fairy" April 10, 2017[110] Mig Macario[111]
"The Final Battle Part 2" May 1, 2017[112]

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