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The following is a list of Misinformed Facts that were given by the characters of ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

What kind of quotes does this list include?
  • This page lists any sort of misinformation or lie that is not addressed within the plot. This includes:
    • Things that are said to be one way but later shown to be different.
    • Mistakes made by the characters/writers that describe something that hasn't happened or that was different from how they're recalling it.
    • Intentional lies or mistakes made by characters, whether they knew they were giving false information or not, as long as they weren't addressed as such within the plot.
  • This page does not list:
    • Lies and mistakes that have been addressed as such within the plot, such as Emma lying to Henry about his father being a fireman, Regina saying the curse isn't real, etc.
    • Impossible dialogues caused by timeline errors, such as a character saying one day is a Thursday when it's actually a Monday.
    • General inaccuracies regarding real life knowledge, such as Regina saying her apples are Honeycrisp when in reality they must be Red Delicious.
    • Prop goofs, such as Hook saying he got one of his rings after he lost his hand, but wearing this ring before that.

The Poisoned Apple

She poisoned an apple because she thought I was prettier than her. You have no idea of what she's capable.
Snow White to Prince Charming ("Pilot")
  • It is revealed seventeen episodes later, in the eighteenth episode of the first season, that the Evil Queen's reason to curse Snow White was not because she thought she was prettier than her, but rather because her inability to keep Regina's engagement with Daniel Colter a secret led to Cora killing the latter.
  • It is revealed in the novel "Regina Rising" that the Queen didn't poison the apple. It was already poisonous when she found it.
  • It is revealed twenty-six episodes later, in the fifth episode of the second season, that Charming was aware of the real reason why the Queen had cursed Snow White.
  • The nature of this misinformation remains unknown. It is possible that the writers hadn't planned the real reason by the time they were writing this episode.

The Willingness Factor of the Sleeping Curse

It wouldn't work, anyway. The choice is yours. It must be taken willingly.
The Evil Queen to Snow White ("An Apple Red as Blood")

The Creator of the Dark Curse

From strands of your parents' hair, I made the most powerful potion in all the realm. So powerful, that, when I created the Dark Curse, I placed a single drop on the parchment. Just a little safety valve.
Mr. Gold to Emma ("A Land Without Magic")
  • It is revealed one-hundred and eight episodes later, in the nineteenth episode of the sixth season, that it was the Black Fairy who created the Dark Curse.
  • Oddly enough, Mr. Gold and Emma are in the pawnshop both when he first claims to have created the curse and when he claims the Black Fairy has. The misinformation, however, was not addressed by either of them.

Aurora's Sacrifice

Mulan: How did you end up here in your cursed state?
Aurora: You're not the only one who knows about sacrifice.
Mulan and Aurora ("Broken")

The Man Cora Knew First

There was a man. Well, not quite a man. Someone Cora knew before I met her. He brought magic to her.
Valet to Regina ("We Are Both")

Lancelot's Fate

He's dead. I killed him a long time ago.
Cora to Mary Margaret and Emma ("Lady of the Lake")
  • It is revealed sixty-six episodes later, in the third episode of the fifth season that Lancelot is alive.
  • When confronted by Mary Margaret, who admits to believing he was dead, Lancelot only says "That is a long story. But trust your eyes... it is me." The truthful version of these events remains unknown.

Dead is Dead

Magic can do much, but not that. Dead is dead.
Rumplestiltskin to Regina ("The Doctor")

Neal's First Stop

Short version is this world wasn't my first stop when I left home.
Neal Cassidy to Emma Swan ("The Queen Is Dead")

The Dagger's Possession

Ms. Swan, that dagger has not left my possession for centuries.
Mr. Gold to Emma ("The Queen Is Dead")

From Rich to Poor

Robin Hood: I ever tell you about how I met Marian? I stole her father's horse. [...]
Will Scarlet: And that night, you woke to an arrow pointed at your head.
Robin Hood: Her family, she said, poor farmers. [...] I didn't say a word as she rode off that night. And the next day, I returned to her cottage--
Will Scarlet: With two of your own horses as a gift to her family. From that day forward you never stole for yourself again. From that day forward, you only stole from the rich and gave to the poor.
Robin Hood and Will Scarlet ("The Snow Queen")

The Sorcerer and the Darkness

The sorcerer battled the darkness. He was able to keep it from consuming the realms. He tethered it to a human soul that could be controlled with a dagger.
The Apprentice ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")
  • It is revealed seven episodes later, in the seventh episode of the fifth season, that Merlin tethered the Darkness to the dagger, rather than to the human soul, Nimue, who had welcomed the Darkness into her soul. The aforementioned battle was a mere verbal confrontation with Nimue to try and prevent her fall into Darkness which had nothing to do with it consuming all the realms, but rather her individual soul.

Zelena's Heart

My family may be troubled dearie, but we all know that a heart is a precious thing, and I cast a protection spell on mine eons ago.
Zelena to Hook ("The Dark Swan")

The Evil Queen's Pages

Back during the first curse, I tore my story out of Henry's book so he wouldn't know I was the Evil Queen.
Regina Mills ("The Brothers Jones")

What Hades Enchanted

All you need to do is choose three of your friends to stay here. Carve their name. W-what's the problem? Is it the chisel?
Hades to Hook ("Devil's Due")

The Black Fairy as the Origin of All Darkness

Well that's just the thing, Miss Swan. The curse. That Dark Curse. It, and all of the darkness you've ever faced, was born out of one twisted soul. The Black Fairy. And unless we try and stop her, she is going to bring far worse.
Mr. Gold to Emma Swan ("Mother's Little Helper")

The Black Fairy's Past

Well, she used to be good once. [...] No one knows exactly. Just that her heart blackened and she stopped defending the children that she was meant to protect. She started stealing them instead.
The Blue Fairy to Belle about the Black Fairy ("Changelings")
  • It is revealed ten episodes later, in the nineteenth episode of the sixth season, that the Blue Fairy does know why the Black Fairy turned dark since she witnessed it, and that the Black Fairy did not become a fairy to defend the children at all, but to protect her son only.

Wish or Real?

You see, I'm... I'm not the Evil Queen in this reality... which isn't even a reality. It's all... well, it's all fake. You're fake. [...] This world was created by a wish to trap Emma.
Regina Mills to Wish Rumplestiltskin ("Wish You Were Here")
Oh, they're not real. I didn't actually kill anyone.
Regina Mills to Emma Swan about Queen Snow and King David ("Wish You Were Here")


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