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This page lists deaths featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

S Ep Image Character Killed by Death Status
1 01
A Royal Guard A Black Knight Stabbed while guarding the Magic Wardrobe. Apparent
A Royal Guard Black Knights Stabbed while guarding the Magic Wardrobe. Apparent
A Black Knight Prince Charming Stabbed with a sword in order to protect Emma. Apparent
1 02
Rocinante Evil Queen Heart ripped out and used to enact the Dark Curse. Definite
Last Words:
"You can be. Of this I'm sure. I believe, given the chance, we can find happiness. Together. But...the choice is yours." - speaking to the Queen
Valet Evil Queen Heart ripped out and used to enact the Dark Curse. Definite
1 03
Last Words:
"Hold her still." - speaking about Snow White
A Black Knight Prince Charming Stabbed with a flying dagger to save Snow White. Apparent
A Black Knight Prince Charming Shot with an arrow to save Snow White. Apparent
Last Words:
A Bridge Troll Prince Charming Thrown off a bridge to his death. Definite
Last Words:
"Royal blood is the sweetest of all." - speaking about Prince Charming
A Bridge Troll Prince Charming Stepped on and killed after being transformed into a cockroach. Definite
1 04
Last Words:
"Your stepmother doesn't have this. This wand has the power to take you to your ball, to your prince, and to..." - speaking to Cinderella
Cinderella's Fairy Godmother Rumplestiltskin Killed in a magic explosion for her wand. Definite
1 06
Last Words:
"No, there's no celebrating today. This was but a simple test. The task before us is too big, too important to make light of. Just because I was easily able to kill this brute doesn't mean..." - speaking to his comrades
Prince James Behemoth Stabbed in the back. Definite
Behemoth Prince James Stabbed in the chest with a sword. Definite
2 King George's knights A Dragon Burned alive after failing to slay the beast. Definite
A Dragon Prince Charming Beheaded as a favor to King Midas. Definite
1 07
Last Words:
"Tell him to stop threatening me. Because you know what I do to pets that threaten me? I hang them on my wall." - speaking to the Huntsman
Bartholomew The Huntsman Stabbed in the neck with a dagger. Definite
Last Words:
"Thank you." - speaking to Emma
Sheriff Graham Regina Mills Heart crushed to preserve the curse. Definite
1 08
Last Words:
"I know how to recognize a desperate soul." - speaking to Rumplestiltskin
Zoso Rumplestiltskin Stabbed in the heart with his own dagger. Resurrected
Last Words:
"Rumplestiltskin." - speaking to Rumplestiltskin
Hordor Rumplestiltskin Neck snapped after being tormented by insults he once used. Definite
5 Duke's Knights Rumplestiltskin Stabbed with the dagger. Definite
1 09
Last Words:
"Let me out! You come back right now! Let me out! Let me out!" - speaking to Hansel and Gretel
Blind Witch Evil Queen Burned alive after being locked in her oven. Definite
1 10
Last Words:
"Grumpy, run! We can make it!" - speaking to Grumpy
Stealthy Knight Shot with an arrow to stop him from escaping King George's castle. Definite
1 11
Last Words:
"You were right. I never should have made a wish." - speaking to the Genie of Agrabah
King Leopold Agrabahn Viper, Genie Succumbed to being bitten in the neck by an Agrabahn Viper put in his bed by the Genie. Definite
1 12
Last Words:
"I am Sir Gaston, and you, beast, have taken..." - speaking to Rumplestiltskin
Gaston Rumplestiltskin, Belle Cut in half and killed (unknowingly) by Belle, after being turned into a rose by Rumplestiltskin. Definite
1 13
Last Words:
"Congratulations, Prince Charming. You're the first." - speaking to Prince Charming
Siren Prince Charming Stabbed in the stomach with a dagger. Definite
1 15
12+ Sheep Red Riding Hood Ripped apart while in wolf form. Definite
4+ Villagers
Last Words:
"Please! Red! No! Red! No! Red! Red! No!" - speaking to Red Riding Hood
1 18
Last Words:
"Thank you. I understand. Because that's what you're doing now." - speaking to Cora
Daniel Cora Heart crushed to make her daughter become Queen. Resurrected
1 19
Last Words:
"It's nothing." - speaking about Baelfire's bloody knee
Donkey Driver Rumplestiltskin Stepped on and killed after being turned into a snail. Definite
Honora Rumplestiltskin Killed as punishment for seeing the dagger. Definite
1 22
Last Words:
"Shoot him!" - speaking about Prince Charming
A Black Knight The Huntsman Shot with an arrow to help Prince Charming escape and find Snow White. Apparent
Maleficent Emma Swan Stabbed in the heart with a sword in order to retrieve a potion from within her. Resurrected
2 03
A Royal Guard Prince Charming Neck snapped to defend his mother. Definite
5 King George's Royal Guards Prince Charming Killed to defend his mother. Apparent
An Ogre Mary Margaret Blanchard Shot in the eye with an arrow to defend her daughter. Definite
Last Words:
"For your happiness, I would gladly give my life. My only regret... is that I won't live to see you marry Snow." - speaking to Prince Charming
Ruth Royal Guard Shot with an arrow coated in poison that was meant for her son. Definite
2 04
Last Words:
"I love you." - speaking to Hook
Milah Rumplestiltskin Heart crushed after learning she never loved him. Definite
2 05
19+ Safe Haven Inhabitants Cora Hearts ripped out to control them as undead slaves. Definite
Last Words:
"Then love again." - speaking to Regina
Daniel Regina Mills Immobilized and turned into dust after being resurrected by Dr. Whale. Definite
Trish Evil Queen Heart crushed to prove that she's capable of learning magic. Definite
2 07
Billy Albert Spencer Cut in half with an axe to frame Ruby. Definite
Last Words:
"We're her pack." - speaking to Snow White
Quinn A Black Knight Shot in the chest with an arrow. Definite
Last Words:
"Stand down or die at the hands of the..." - speaking to the pack
Black Knight #2 Anita Lucas Neck snapped to defend her pack. Definite
2 Black Knights Werewolves Necks snapped to defend their fellow werewolves. Definite
Last Words:
"You chose her." - speaking about Snow White
Anita Lucas Red Riding Hood Impaled on a spike to defend herself. Definite
2 08
A Safe Haven Inhabitant Mulan Stabbed with a magic sword. Definite
2 09
Last Words:
"It's not mealtime. Who are you? Identify yourself, slave!" - speaking to Hook
Claude Hook Stabbed in the neck with his hook. Definite
A Black Knight Hook Stabbed in the gut with his hook. Apparent
2 10
Unidentified Storybrooke Resident Cora Killed in an unknown manner to frame her daughter. Definite
2 12
Last Words:
"Go! Go!" - speaking to Victor Frankenstein
Gerhardt Frankenstein Graveyard Sentry Shot after being spotted near a desecrated grave. Resurrected
Last Words:
"I believed you. The terrible thing is, for a moment, I believed you did it. He's a monster. What a fool I was. That's not my son. You're not my son. You're a ghoul and a grave robber. A fool and a witch doctor. You're a disgrace to this family." - speaking to Victor Frankenstein
Alphonse Frankenstein Gerhardt Frankenstein Beaten to death to defend his brother. Definite
2 13 Giants Jack Stabbed with swords coated in poison. Definite
Prince James
Last Words:
"James... Please..." - speaking to Prince James
Jack Arlo Stabbed with a sword coated in poison. Definite
Last Words:
"Then, someday, you will find new land..." - speaking to Anton
Arlo Jack Stabbed with a sword coated in poison. Definite
2 14
Last Words:
"He will lead you to what you seek... but there will be a price. The boy will be your undoing." - speaking to Rumplestiltskin
Seer Rumplestiltskin Absorbed her future-seeing powers to find his son. Definite
2 15
Last Words:
"As long as you hold the spirit of goodness in your heart, I shall never leave you." - speaking to Snow White
Eva Cora Poisoned so Snow White would ruin her mother's legacy. Definite
Last Words:
"Let me go, Snow. It's alright." - speaking to Mary Margaret Blanchard
Johanna Cora Thrown to her death to prove that being good comes with a price. Definite
2 16
Last Words:
"This would have been enough. would have been enough." - speaking to Regina
Cora Mary Margaret Blanchard, Regina Mills Heart (cursed by Mary Margaret to save Mr. Gold and her family) put back in Cora's chest by an unknowing Regina. Definite
2 18
Last Words:
"You haven't met me. At least not the real me." - speaking to Tamara
The Dragon Tamara Electrocuted with a taser to defend herself. Resurrected
2 20
47+ Villagers Evil Queen Killed for refusing to reveal where Snow White was hiding. Definite
Maleficent Greg Mendell Killed to defend Hook. Resurrected
2 21
Kurt Flynn Regina Mills Killed for trying to leave Storybrooke. Definite
3 01
Last Words:
"Then you're not getting the boy." - speaking about Henry
Greg Mendell The Shadow Shadow ripped from body for refusing to surrender. Definite
Last Words:
"Can...can you forgive me?" - speaking to Mr. Gold
Tamara Mr. Gold Heart ripped out and crushed for trying to apologize. Definite
3 05
Last Words:
"To fight battles using unholy weapons is, as you say, bad form." - speaking to Hook
Liam Jones Himself Poisoned himself to prove Dreamshade can heal wounds. Apparent/definite[1]
3 06
Last Words:
"She looked dead." - speaking about Snow White
Black Knight #1 Evil Queen Neck snapped for failing to kill Snow White. Definite
3 10
Last Words:
Mother Superior The Shadow Shadow ripped from body for unknown reasons. Resurrected
3 11
Last Words:
"No, no, no!" - speaking to Peter Pan
Felix Peter Pan Heart ripped out and used to enact the Dark Curse. Definite
The Shadow Tinker Bell Immolated in order to revive the Blue Fairy. Definite
Last Words:
"Rumple... please. You can stop this. Remove the dagger. We can start over. We can have a happy ending." - speaking as Malcolm
Peter Pan Mr. Gold Stabbed with the dagger to protect his family. Definite
Last Words:
"But I'm a villain. And villains don't get happy endings." - speaking to Malcolm
Mr. Gold Himself Stabbed with the dagger to protect his family. Resurrected
3 12
Last Words:
"It's too bad. I actually kind of liked you." - speaking to Emma
Walsh Emma Swan Thrown off the roof of a building to save herself. Apparent
3 15
Last Words:
"I love you, papa." - speaking to Mr. Gold
Neal Cassidy Emma Swan Separated from his father to defeat Zelena. Definite
3 19
7 Flying Monkeys Emma Swan (2) Killed to defend Henry. Definite
Hook (2)
Regina Mills (2)
David Nolan (1)
Last Words:
"Which is why you have to crush it." - speaking to Snow White
Prince Charming Snow White Heart ripped out by Regina and used to enact the Dark Curse. Resurrected
3 22
Bridge Troll Evil Queen Stepped on and killed after being transformed into a cockroach. Definite
4 01
King of Arendelle N/A Drowned at sea while returning from Misthaven. Definite
Ice Monster Regina Mills Destroyed with a fireball to defend "Maid Marian". Definite
4 05
Ice Warrior Regina Mills & Emma Swan Destroyed with their combined powers to find Ingrid. Definite
4 06
Last Words:
"It's going to be all right." - speaking to Belle
Colette Ogres Sacrificed herself so her daughter could live. Apparent
4 07
Last Words:
"You're a monster!" - speaking to Ingrid
Man Ingrid Accidentally crushed by a branch felled by ice magic. Apparent
Last Words:
"Enough!" - speaking to the Duke
Helga The Duke of Weselton, Ingrid Struck in the heart by ice magic meant for the Duke of Weselton, who uses Helga as a living shield. Definite
4 10
Last Words:
"All I wanted was to have my sisters' love, and now I have it. Now I get to join them." - speaking to Elsa, Anna and Emma
Ingrid Herself Sacrificed herself to reverse the Spell of Shattered Sight. Definite
4 12
Chernabog Emma Swan Turned to dust after colliding with the barrier at the town line. Apparent
4 13
3 Guards Maleficent Burned alive to reach the Tree of Wisdom. Definite
4 17
Last Words:
"All due respect... I don't trust you. Or believe you. So unless you're kidnapping me, I'm going to go find my family." - speaking to Emma and Hook
Marian Zelena Killed to steal Robin Hood from her sister. Apparent
4 18
Last Words:
"What did you do to them?" - speaking to Cruella about her Dalmatians
Madeline Cruella De Vil Attacked and ripped apart by her own Dalmatians. Definite
Madeline's Dalmatians Cruella De Vil Skinned and made into a spotted fur coat. Definite
Last Words:
"But you're a hero... and heroes don't kill." - speaking to Emma
Cruella De Vil Emma Swan Thrown off the edge of a cliff to defend Henry. Definite
4 20
Last Words:
"We didn't know. We had just..." - speaking to the Evil Queen
Young Man Evil Queen Heart crushed to warn the townspeople. Definite
4 21
Last Words:
An Ogre Rumplestiltskin Killed with a ray of light magic Temporary
4 22
Doc Snow White Heart crushed in an alternate universe. Temporary
Last Words:
"What about you, Your Majesty? Shall I make it quick while..." - speaking to Snow White
Hook Prince Charming Stabbed in the back in an alternate universe. Temporary
5 01
Last Words:
"I just need to take what I want... and then I shall be the greatest king in all the realms." - speaking to King Arthur
Sir Kay Excalibur Turned to ash after failing to remove the sword from the stone. Definite
Last Words:
"In order to cross realms, it must be wielded as it was forged... with both sides of the coin. The light... and the dark." - explaining his wand
Apprentice Darkness Died after being attacked by the Darkness. Definite
5 02
Last Words:
"Because Arthur would have stopped me from doing this." - speaking to Regina
Percival David Nolan Stabbed in the chest with a sword in order to defend Robin Hood. Definite
5 03
Last Words:
"For Camelot..." - speaking to King Arthur
Grif Himself Poisoned himself in order to die for his kingdom. Definite
5 07
Last Words:
"The gods could do worse. But if you don't want any..." - speaking to Merlin
Adda The Holy Grail Turned into ash while trying to take the Grail for himself. Definite
Last Words:
"Then you shouldn't have turned it into a sword." - speaking to Merlin about Excalibur
Vortigan Nimue Heart crushed to avenge her family. Definite
5 09
Last Words:
"So, let's show them what happens when you face the combined might of clans DunBroch, Macintosh, Dingwall, and MacGuffin!" - speaking to his army
King Fergus King Arthur Stabbed in the back to get the Enchanted Helm. Definite
5 10
Last Words:
"But you're not really here..." - speaking to Nimue's spirit
Merlin Hook Heart ripped out and used to enact the Dark Curse. Definite
5 11
Last Words:
"Get out, pirate." - speaking to Hook
Massive Brawler Evil Queen Snapped his neck to silence him. Definite
Last Words:
"It's not too late. You can change. Be a different man..." - speaking to Hook
Brennan Jones Hook Stabbed with a dagger under the Evil Queen's orders. Definite
Last Words:
"You can't stop us!" - speaking to Hook
Nimue Hook Absorbed them and their magic with Excalibur. Definite
20 previous Dark Ones, including Gorgon and Zoso
Last Words:
"It's okay." - speaking to Emma
Hook Emma Swan Stabbed with Excalibur to destroy the Darkness. Resurrected
5 12
Last Words:
"I want something in return." - speaking to the Evil Queen
Blacktooth Evil Queen Strangled for promising to help find Snow White in exchange for a favor. Definite
Last Words:
"What did you wish?" - speaking to the Evil Queen
Jester Evil Queen Killed for failing to amuse her. Apparent
A Black Knight Evil Queen Heart crushed after realizing Snow White is still alive. Definite
5 13
Last Words:
Cerberus Hercules, Megara and Mary Margaret Killed by working together. Definite
Last Words:
"I don't care. Now go." - speaking to Megara
Hercules Cerberus Killed while attempting to complete the last of his Twelve Labors. Definite
Megara Cerberus Killed while attempting to escape. Definite
5 14
Last Words:
An Atlantean Rat Snake Milah Crushed by a rock. Definite
Last Words:
"Unfortunately, Dark One, the contract is binding. Even if I wanted to change it, I couldn't. You owe me." - speaking to Rumplestiltskin
Fendrake the Healer Rumplestiltskin Heart crushed to nullify his debt. Definite
5 15
Captain Silver Liam Jones Drowned at sea as part of deal Liam Jones made with Hades in exchange for the Eye of Storm, as well as his and Killian Jones' safety. Definite
14 men from Silver's crew
5 16
An Oz Guard Zelena Disintegrated with a spell meant for Dorothy Gale. Definite
Last Words:
"We don't know! We swear!" - speaking to Zelena
Boq Zelena Disintegrated to make his fellow Munchkins reveal the location of the Scarecrow Definite
5 20
Last Words:
"You're holding on too tight. Emma, let go. Let go." - speaking to Emma
Cleo Fox N/A Impaled herself on a shard of glass while escaping the police Definite[2]
5 21
Last Words:
"Who are you?" - speaking to Hades
King Arthur Hades Neck snapped to fulfill his plans to rule Storybrooke. Definite
Last Words:
"This was my idea to break in here. Just use that on me. You let her go." - speaking to Hades
Robin Hood Hades Struck with the Olympian Crystal while trying to defend Regina. Definite
Last Words:
"Zelena!" - speaking to Zelena
Hades Zelena Stabbed with the Olympian Crystal to defend Regina. Definite
6 01
Last Words:
"Please... No!" - speaking to Jafar
Emir Jafar Turned into dust with his staff for reaching out to Aladdin. Definite
6 02
Last Words:
"Go ahead. Kill me. But this masquerade won't bring you justice." - speaking to the Count of Monte Cristo
Baron Danglars Count of Monte Cristo Stabbed to avenge his fiancée's death. Definite
A Black Knight Evil Queen Stabbed during a sparring session. Apparent
Charlotte Rumplestiltskin Poisoned with Agrabahn viper venom, which reached her heart when she was taken out of the Land of Untold Stories Definite
Last Words:
"This is the only way." - speaking to Regina
Count of Monte Cristo Regina Mills Stabbed to protect David and Mary Margaret. Definite
6 04
Last Words:
"Let me go!" - speaking to Dr. Jekyll
Mary Dr. Jekyll Accidentally pushed from her bedroom window. Definite
Last Words:
"Finally, the chance I needed to make the Dark One pay." - speaking to Belle French
Dr. Jekyll Hook Accidentally impaled on a harpoon. Definite
Last Words:
"This story isn't over yet. Dark One, I command you..." - speaking to Mr. Gold
Mr. Hyde Hook (indirectly) Died as a result of Dr. Jekyll's death. Definite
6 05
Oracle Evil Queen (Serum) Poisoned. (seemingly) Definite
6 07
Gabriel David Stabbed with a wooden stick. Definite
6 10
Last Words:
"Whatever you're planning, it won't work. We'll defeat you, Regina. We always --"
King David Regina Mills Hearts crushed to try to force Emma to recover her memories as the Savior. Definite
Last Words:
"She's not the queen anymore!"
Queen Snow
6 12
Last Words:
"Time to die... Drunk."
Francisco Hook Stabbed to steal King George's gold and leave no witness. Definite
King George's Guard
Last Words:
"I'll never say a word. I swear... On my son's life. I just want to get home to my family."
6 13
An Ogre Beowulf Multiple sword strikes. Definite
Frightened Soldier Ogres Swatted.
23+ Soldiers N/A
An Ogre Rumplestiltskin Magically exploded.
4 Ogres[3]
3 Villagers Beowulf N/A
Last Words:
"Step aside, boy." - speaking to Baelfire
Beowulf Rumplestiltskin / Baelfire[4] Broke his neck.
6 14
A Black Knight Evil Queen Neck snapped out of anger. Definite
6 16
Last Words:
"No, no, no, no, no! Stop!"
Roderick Black Fairy Turned into a beetle and stepped on. Definite
Great Spider From the Echoless Forest Emma Swan Shrunk by Mr. Gold and stepped on by Emma Swan. Definite
6 20
2 Black Knights Evil Queen Neck snapped while under singing spell. Definite
6 22
Last Words:
"Not even my death can stop that. In fact, I suspect it would ensure it."
Black Fairy Mr. Gold Turned to dust with her own wand. Definite
7 01
Last Words:
"But why? Why are you doing this?" - speaking to Lady Tremaine
Fairy Godmother Rapunzel Tremaine Turned to dust with her own wand. Definite
Last Words:
"Thank you. You won't re..." - speaking to Cinderella
Prince Rapunzel Tremaine Stabbed in the back with a knife. Definite
7 04
Last Words:
"You will find the answer you need to get rid of the dagger, and you will find your way back to me again. I promise." - speaking to Mr. Gold
Belle N/A Passed away from natural causes. Definite
7 06
Perp Ivy Belfrey Poisoned to encourage Rogers to find Eloise Gardener Definite
Last Words:
"I won't let you harm my bride." - speaking to Lady Tremaine
Prince Gregor Drizella Stabbed with an enchanted vine. Definite
7 11
Last Words:
"It's all right... I love..." - speaking to Ivy Belfrey
Victoria Belfrey Eloise Gardener Sacrificed via the Resurrection Amulet to wake Lucy. Definite
Last Words:
Doctor Sage Nick Branson Poisoned. Definite
7 13
Hilda Braeburn Nick Branson Stabbed. Definite
7 15
Last Words:
"And I want a spot in that family. I need it." - speaking to Drizella
Gretel Drizella Stabbed in the back. Definite
7 17
Last Words:
"Listen, I-I can still help you. Just use your dark magic, whatever, get me out of here, and I'll kill any witch you like." - speaking to Mr. Samdi
Nick Branson Mr. Samdi Killed via Voodoo Magic. Definite
7 19
Last Words:
"My daughter, all mothers know that only goodness can bear sweet fruit." - speaking to Gothel
Flora Isla and other humans Killed with fire and axes. Definite
Yarrow and other Tree Nymphs
Two guards Gothel Impaled with magical tree roots Definite
Last Words:
"No, no, please. Please, no. Plea..." - speaking to Gothel
Isla Neck snapped with a magical tree root Definite
Last Words:
Several partygoers Poisoned with spores from magical plants Definite
The rest of humanity Unknown Definite
7 20
Last Words:
"Trying to get back to your beloved has made you the worst version of you." - speaking to Weaver
Mr. Samdi Rumplestiltskin (Wish Realm) Stabbed in the back Definite
7 21
Handsome Prince A dragon Stabbed in the heart with a sword in order to save the princess Definite
7 22
Last Words:
"I know that. But I also know you don't do the right thing for a reward. You do it because it's right. Now, I've been selfish for too long. I've been living on stolen time. Now, I will finally face the unknown." - explaining his motives to Tilly and his Wish Realm self
Weaver Himself Sacrificed his heart to revive Rogers Definite
Last Words:
"No more Rumple?"
Rumplestiltskin (Wish Realm) Weaver (indirectly) Dissolved into dust after Weaver killed himself Definite
W 02
Last Words:
"Just... mercy..." - speaking to Jafar
Farzeen Shahmed Jafar Asphyxiated for sending his genie far from Agrabah. Apparent
10+ Wonderland Peasants Jafar Immobilized and turned to dust to motivate the Red Queen. Definite
W 03
Bandersnatches Will Scarlet Stabbed in the chest with a sword and subsequently caused mate's death. Definite
Last Words:
"Now... will you reunite me with my wife?" - speaking to Jafar and the Red Queen
Grendel Jafar Stabbed in the chest with Jafar's serpent staff. Definite
W 04
Last Words:
"May you rest easy." - speaking to Jafar
Akil Amara Poisoned to see if Jafar is worthy of being "reborn." Definite
Last Words:
"Please... Don't kill me. I beg you." - speaking to Amara
Gerard Amara Killed to obtain another of the three genie bottles. Definite
W 05
Last Words:
"No..." - speaking to himself
Orang Cyrus Pushed to his death to escape Jafar's Tower. Definite
W 06
Last Words:
"It makes you want to stay." - speaking about the perfume given off by the Boro Grove's flowers
Carpenter Boro Grove Turned into a tree after falling under the Boro Grove's spell. Apparent
W 07
Last Words:
"He will remember... You are his blood... He will not turn you away..." - speaking about the Sultan
Ulima N/A Killed by an unknown illness. Definite
A Dragon Alice Killed to protect her father. Definite
Last Words:
Mirza Jafar Killed to exact vengeance on the Sultan. Definite
W 09
Guard Jafar Beheaded by Jafar's serpent staff to make a new body for Tweedledee. Definite
Last Words:
"You're a fool. The only thing waiting in that prison is death." - speaking to Jafar
Jabberwocky Guard Jafar Neck snapped to infiltrate the Jabberwocky's tower prison. Definite
Last Words:
"Will... I just wanted you to feel something for me." - speaking to Will Scarlet
Lizard Herself Killed by her wish to make Will feel something for her. Definite
W 10
Last Words:
"Please... please don't kill me." - speaking to the Jabberwocky
Villager Jabberwocky Killed to obtain information about the location of Will. Definite
W 11
Last Words:
"Will! Will! Look at me!" - speaking to Will
Anastasia Jafar Stabbed to death after Will regains his heart. Resurrected
W 13
Last Words:
"" - speaking to Jafar
Sultan Jafar Drowned to understand his son's pain. Definite
13+ Undead Warriors Amara Stabbed with their own weapons. Definite
Last Words:
"The sorceress... she made every..." - speaking to Jafar
Sentry Jafar Asphyxiated for failing to apprehend Cyrus. Definite
Last Words:
"Please... let me go..." - speaking to Cyrus
Amara Jafar Killed to stop her from reaching the Well of Wonders. Definite
Red Queen N/A Killed when the Spell of the Three Genies is reversed. Resurrected
2 Minister's guards The Huntsman Shot in the head with arrows. Definite
Last Words:
Minister's guard The Huntsman Bisected with a sword. Definite
2 men + 1 woman + 1 child Adair's pack Ripped apart by the pack. Definite
3 King Midas' guards Adair's pack Ripped apart by the pack. Definite
Last Words:
"Pack! I've found the traitors!" - speaking to his pack
Adair Evil Queen Burned alive with magic. Definite
Last Words:
"Please come back for me!" - speaking to Captain Hook
Liam Jones N/A Burned to death. Apparent/definite[1]
Last Words:
Leviathan Liam Jones (apparently)[5] Killed to defend his brother. Apparent
Last Words:
"You can't. Just like you couldn't save my brother..." - speaking to the Evil Queen
William Evil Queen Struck with a fatal blow to defend herself. Definite
Last Words:
"Jefferson...No...No more missions, no more journeys." - speaking to Jefferson
Priscilla March Hare's guard Shot in the back with an arrow. Definite

Kills Ranking

The following is a ranking of killers featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Killer Kills
Gothel/Eloise Gardener The human population of the Land Without Magic
Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold 79+[6]
Evil Queen/Regina 78+
Hook1 34
Cora 23+
Jafar 20+
Red Riding Hood 18+
Liam Jones2 18
Prince Charming/David 18
Amara 15+
Emma Swan 10
Cruella De Vil3, Snow White/Mary Margaret 6
The Huntsman 5
Beowulf 4
Zelena 4
Hades4, Maleficent 3
Drizella/Ivy5, Jack and Prince James 2+
Anita Lucas, Hercules6, Ingrid, Jiminy, King Arthur,7 Rapunzel Tremaine, the Shadow and Tamara 2
Agrabahn Viper, Albert Spencer, Alice, Arlo, Baelfire, Behemoth, Belle, Black Fairy, Black Knight, Boro Grove, Count of Monte Cristo, Cyrus, the Duke, Eloise Gardener, Evil Queen (Serum), Genie of Agrabah, Gerhardt Frankenstein, Greg Mendell, Guard, Handsome Prince, Dr. Jekyll, Knight, Lizard, March Hare's guard, Medusa, Megara, Milah, Mr. Samdi, Mulan, Ogres, Nimue, Peter Pan, Soldier, Tinker Bell and Will Scarlet 1 (or 1+)

1: Hook's kill ranking includes Rufio, as described in "Lost Girl", and Barnaby and Edgar, as described in "Birth"
2: Liam's kill ranking includes the Leviathan, which may or may not have been done by the real Liam
3: Cruella's kill ranking includes her father and her two step-fathers, as described in "Sympathy for the De Vil"
4: Hades' kill ranking includes Kronos, as described in the Underworld Storybook in "Last Rites"[7]
5:Drizella/Ivy's kill ranking includes Perp, as described in "Eloise Gardener"
6: Hercules' kill ranking includes the Nemean Lion, as described in "Labor of Love"
7: King Arthur's kill ranking includes Mordred, as described in the Season Five DVD and Blu-ray extra "Tales From The Underworld: A Knight With Cruella"


  1. 1.0 1.1 According to Out of the Past - "Dead in the Water", Liam may or may not have survived the poisoning in "Good Form", and he may or may not have been killed in Out of the Past. While the comic implies that the Liam seen in the comic is not real, it remains unconfirmed. However, as seen in "The Brothers Jones", one of the deaths was definite, since Liam ended up in the Underworld.
  2. File:520SomeRecords.png
  3. During the scene where Rumplestiltskin kills the Ogres, four explosions can be heard while the Ogres are screaming.
  4. As he was in possession of the Dark One Dagger, Baelfire is the one who forced Rumplestiltskin to kill Beowulf.
  5. Out of the Past - "Dead in the Water" suggests that the Liam seen in the comic is not real; however, it remains unconfirmed.
  6. Hades: "You've sent so many lovely dead people my way. I mean Regina does okay, but you've been at it longer, and she's gotten, you know, ugh, lately."
    ("Devil's Due")
  7. File:521HiddenPageTwo2.png

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