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This article focuses on Lily's adoptive father, James Page.
For her biological father, see Zorro.
For the Enchanted Forest character also named James, see Prince James.

James: I'm your father, and you're coming home with me. Your mother's worried sick.
Emma: Your father? You have a family? I thought you were like me.
—James and Emma to Lily src

James Page,[1] better known as Lily's Father[2] and Adoptive Father,[3] also known as Man,[4] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the fifth episode of the fourth season and is portrayed by co-star Barclay Hope.


Before First Curse

In 1983, after Maleficent's child is banished from the Enchanted Forest, the baby ends up being adopted by James and Priscilla Page. The man is joyous to get the confirmation from the adoption agent that the girl is now his daughter, and decides to name her Lilith. On a Sunday, around 14th August, the couple get Lily baptized in Minneapolis and publish an announcement in a newspaper.[1] ("Best Laid Plans", "Lily")

As the years pass, Lily grows up feeling invisible and unseen. Taking James' credit card with her, the girl runs away from home. In Hopkins, Lily meets an orphan named Emma, whom she befriends. Eventually finding his daughter, James races down the street in his car to reach her, but Lily escapes with Emma and takes her to an apparently unused summer home, but hides the fact that it actually belongs to her adoptive father. Later that night, James enters the house, causing the girls to wake up. Assuming the man is Lily's social worker, Emma tells James that he won't take them back to the adoption system. James, who doesn't have a clue about what is going on, urges Lily to explain herself and go home to him and her sick mother. Realizing that Lily had not told the truth about being an orphan, Emma is majorly disappointed to learn that the supposed connection her new friend shared with her was based on a lie. While James is talking to a police officer as he prepares to leave with his daughter, Lily tells Emma, from inside her father's car, that James was only angry because of her using his credit card, but a heartbroken Emma walks away. ("Breaking Glass")

Sometime after this, Lily finds Emma in Mankato and claims to need her help. As Emma tries to send her away back to her adoptive family's home, Lily reveals that they kicked her out. ("Lily")

After Second Curse

Many years later, in Storybrooke, Mr. Gold reveals Lily's fate to her birth mother, Maleficent. By using magic on Lily's baby rattle, the pawnbroker shows Maleficent the moment when James adopted Lily at the adoption agency in 1983. ("Best Laid Plans")

Glad to learn that her daughter is alive, but unable to cross the town line herself because of the side effects of the Dark Curse, Maleficent enlists Emma's help to track Lily down, explaining that all she knows is that the baby was banished to the Land Without Magic about thirty years ago and the couple who adopted her named her Lilith. ("Lily")


James Page[1]
Priscilla Page[1]Maleficent
Lilith "Lily" Page


  • Solid lines denote parent-child blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage and adoption relationships that result in offspring
  • The Pages are Lily's adoptive parents


Deleted Scenes

  • A dialogue between James and Emma was cut from "Breaking Glass". The scene, titled "Friends Forever?", shows Emma explaining that Lily lied to her about having no family. In this scene, Lily's father warns Emma to never ever approach his daughter again.[5]


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