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This was supposed to be yours, but I never got a chance to give it to you...

Maleficent to Lily src

Lily's Baby Rattle is an item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the thirteenth episode of the fourth season


Before First Curse

Maleficent makes a nest in a cave, where she gives birth by laying an egg. At some point during this, she collects various items, including a baby rattle, and places them into the cave. She intends to give the rattle to her daughter after she's hatched. Snow White and Prince Charming venture into Maleficent's dwelling, intending to allow an apprentice to infuse a vessel with darkness so their own child. They steal the egg and escape while a devastated Maleficent makes a failed attempt to block them. Snow White steps on the rattle in the process, breaking it in two. ("Best Laid Plans", "Mother")

After her daughter is stolen and whisked to another land, Maleficent wears the broken rattle as a necklace, using it to grieve for her child's absence. ("Unforgiven")

After Second Curse

In Storybrooke, Maleficent is returned to human form by a magic ritual. She manifests wearing the rattle and confronts David and Mary Margaret. Later, she teleports the missing piece to her and repairs the broken rattle. With look of sorrow on her face, she holds the toy while thinking of what could have been. ("Unforgiven")

One evening, Maleficent is spending time at Granny's Diner with Ursula and Cruella De Vil. She is sitting at the table, holding the baby rattle in her hand, when Regina enters and feigns interest in joining their enclave. Maleficent puts down the rattle and offers her old friend a drink. ("Enter the Dragon")

Maleficent asks Mr. Gold for her child's whereabouts. He asks her to let go of her pain since the truth may make it worse, but she adamantly wants to know her child's fate. Mr. Gold relents, and using Maleficent's baby rattle, he shows her the child, Lily, being adopted thirty years ago. Eyes brimming with tears of joy, Maleficent decides to find her daughter. ("Best Laid Plans")

While sitting behind the in Regina's office, Maleficent toys with the baby rattle in one hand until David and Mary Margaret enter, attempting to make amends for what they did to her. Unimpressed, Maleficent considers that their apology should be for Lilith since they did the most damage to her, to which they promise to do whatever it takes to make it up. ("Lily")

Mother and daughter are finally reunited when Emma brings Lily to Storybrooke. After her daughter transforms into a dragon, Maleficent searches for her in the forest and finds Lily, who reverts to human form. Maleficent gifts her daughter the baby rattle and explains that she was going to give it to her earlier. She tells Lily how the rattle was supposed to be hers and she never got a chance to give it to her. ("Mother")


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