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Liam Hall is the Australian actor who portrays the Prince on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Hall grew up in the Tuggeranong suburb of Richardson in Canberra. He is the oldest of four children to David, an ex-military who worked for Defense and Debbie, a preschool teacher.[1]

After leaving school, Liam was approached by photographers in Canberra and soon began his modelling career. He had tried his luck in Sydney and ended up signing with a top agency, Priscilla's Model Management.[1]

He found his footing and has since modeled for the likes of David Jones, Ben Sherman, Fitness First, Van Heusen, Calvin Klein and The Men's Shop.[1]

In the following year, Hall completed a course in performing arts at the Brent Street Studio. Two weeks after his graduation performance, he secured the role of Ryan on NBC's Camp.[1]

As of 2018, Hall recurs as Joe Wilson for the sixth and seventh season of The CW's Arrow,[2] as well as a member of the Ghoulies for the third season of The CW's Riverdale[3] and as Marcus in the second season of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.[4]



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