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This article focuses on Hook's younger half-brother.
For his older brother of the same name, see Liam Jones.

When I was a child, my family was taken from me. I grew up next to the docks, fending for myself, desperate to make the people who took them pay.

—Liam to Hook src

Liam, also known as First Mate,[1] and Boy,[2] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the eleventh episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by co-star Sebastian West and guest star Nick Eversman.

Liam is based on Captain Nemo's first mate from the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and the Disney film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


Before First Curse

Liam is the son of Brennan and an unnamed nurse. Having lived with the guilt of abandoning his two sons years ago, Brennan names this son Liam, in honor of the children he lost. After his mother dies from the plague, Liam is brought up with only his father by his side. Hook, one of Brennan's two other sons, tracks his father down, with intentions of killing him, but decides not to after seeing that Brennan is a changed man. One night, Liam is tucked into bed by his father, who soothes his worries by assuring him to not be afraid as long as he can look into his own heart and decide what kind of man he wants to be one day. Hook overhears this and remembers Brennan having once giving him the same promise, only to abandon him in the end. Believing this is proof that his father has not changed, Hook kills him, making Liam an orphan. ("Swan Song")

Left to fend for himself, Liam struggles to survive at the docks, with his heart full of hatred for his father's killer, whose identity he remains unaware of. A captain, Nemo, saves Liam and takes him under his wing. With his own experience with losing his family and getting revenge on those responsible, Nemo persuades Liam into not living his life for the sake of vengeance. As he stays with Nemo, Liam eventually develops a close father and son relationship with the captain. ("Dark Waters")

During First Curse

After the Evil Queen enacts the Dark Curse, time freezes in many places. Liam escapes the curse's effects when Nemo takes him outside the curse's bounds, which allows him to age.[3]

During adulthood, Liam becomes Nemo's first mate aboard the Nautilus. One day, during Liam and Nemo's search for a key that'll lead them to the Mysterious Island, where they will have a fresh start in life, Nemo tracks down Hook, a man hell-bent on revenge against the Dark One. The captain convinces him to join their treasure hunt because he believes Hook wants the same thing that both he and Liam have lost: a family. Hook remains skeptical of Nemo, and when he asks Liam about his history with the man, Liam explains his gratitude towards Nemo for saving him and persuading him to turn away from revenge. When Hook is attacked by a kraken, both Liam and Nemo come to his aid, which further cements their acceptance of Hook into their family. After finding the key to the Mysterious Island, Liam discovers Hook is not only the man who killed his father, but is also his half-brother. Nemo attempts to talk him out of hurting Hook, but Liam refuses and lunges at the pirate with a knife, only for Nemo to be stabbed. As Liam holds a dying Nemo, he swears to make Hook pay for killing his father and causing the death of Nemo, while Hook makes his escape from the Nautilus. The powers of the Mysterious Island, which freezes its inhabitants in time, keep Nemo alive. ("Dark Waters")

After Third Curse

By Mr. Hyde's will, Liam and Nemo are taken from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke, where Nemo's story becomes unpaused, causing the stab wound he had before to reform. Liam, believing Nemo died after arriving in Storybrooke, takes command of the Nautilus and seeks out Hook to kill him in retaliation, not knowing Nemo is already receiving care at the hospital. To this end, he has two of his crew members capture Hook and Henry when they arrive at the Storybrooke Harbor. Henry is able to escape but since there is only one helmet for the diving suits, Hook stays behind. Liam arrives and begins attacking Hook, pinning him to the ground and holding his knife to the ex-pirate's neck. However, Henry returns and pleads with Liam to stop. This distracts Liam, who hesitates, not wanting Henry to watch him kill Hook and grow up with the same hatred Liam did. Hook takes this opportunity to punch Liam, knocking him unconscious. He wakes up in the hospital; having been brought there to make sure he wasn't too badly injured by Hook. Hook questions him on why he hesitated when Henry showed up and Liam explains before making peace with his half-brother. Liam regrets that Nemo couldn't see them making peace, but Hook tells them that that might be possible, as Nemo was found in Storybrooke Forest that morning. A recovering Nemo is brought into the room, giving Liam and Nemo time to themselves for their reunion, as Hook leaves to give them privacy. ("Dark Waters")

After Nemo has fully recovered, Liam and the other crew members prepare to leave on the Nautilus with their captain and travel the seas again, however, after everyone including Hook has boarded the submarine, the vehicle begins submerging underwater because of Gideon's influence. ("Page 23")

With the Nautilus dragged through one of its portals before the crew has time to prepare, causing minor damage to the submarine, Hook demands that they turn around and return to Storybrooke, but Liam and Nemo reveal they can't open any portals without Kraken's blood, which Gideon used the last of for their unplanned trip. Against Nemo's wishes, Hook insists that they hunt down a Kraken and take its blood. When they find one attacking Aladdin and Jasmine, Hook chases it off to save them but fails to get any of its blood. Doubting that they'll be able to find another one of the rare creatures, Hook changes the plan so that they can help Aladdin and Jasmine use Nemo's harpoon to find Jafar, who may also be able to send Hook home. However, before they can reach the island Jafar resides on, the Nautilus begins to take on water due to the damage sustained. Although Nemo and Liam have already given up hope and prepare to die, Jasmine uses her second wish to have Aladdin transport them all to the island. Safe and sound, Nemo and Liam decide to return to the crew, and the wreckage to try to salvage it, so Liam says his goodbyes to his half-brother. ("A Wondrous Place")


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Liam JonesKillian Jones
Emma Swan
Neal CassidyLiam
Henry Mills


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