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6 03 Lady Tremaine uses Cinderella's key to the Land of Untold Stories to open a portal and take her daughter Clorinda with her.
6 02 Rumplestiltskin opens a portal to the Land of Untold Stories with a special key for the Count of Monte Cristo to take Charlotte and prevent the Agrabahn Viper Poison from reaching her heart.
A gap of over 30 years.
5 22 After accidentally arriving in this land through a portal, Zelena, Hook, David and Mary Margaret try to find out which land they ended up in. They come across Dr. Jekyll who refuses to help them, fearing he will be punished for aiding them. The Orderly then arrives and knocks Zelena, Hook, David and Mary Margaret out with a magical taser and places them in a cell protected by a magical barrier. Mr. Hyde then visits them in their cell, accusing them of coming to this land on the Dark One's behalf. Mary Margaret tries reasoning with him, telling him that they too hate Rumplestiltskin, but Mr. Hyde refuses to believe her. The Groundsman from earlier comes and sees them, offering his help to fix their broken wand, which can send them back to Storybrooke. He takes the broken wand back to his lab and fixes it, but the Orderly catches him and attacks him. The Orderly pours a potion down the Groundsman's throat, resulting in him transforming into none other than Mr. Hyde himself. Mr. Hyde then tells the Orderly that he plans to go to Storybrooke. Opening a portal with the wand, he transports Pandora's Box from the Land Without Magic to his lab with plans of using it to blackmail the Dark One.

The Groundsman returns to free Zelena, Hook, David and Mary Margaret, but has lost the wand to Mr. Hyde, who took it away from him. They then goes to the Groundsman's place where he transforms the blue serum to red using some flowers sap which will separate the good and bad personality of a person. All of a sudden, the Orderly shows up and transforms the Groundsman back to Mr. Hyde. Mary Margaret then reveals that she knows them for a story and states that they are Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll. She, David, Hook and Zelena escapes from Mr. Hyde. After they have escaped, Mr. Hyde uses the serum ad separates himself from the Groundsman. He then tries to kill the Groundsman but Zelena, Hook, David and Mary Margaret come and rescue him. Zelena knocks down the Orderly using a fireball as Mary Margaret uses the magical taser and zaps Mr. Hyde, knocking him out. The Groundsman then takes the serum and some other equipment of his and leaves with the group. The group then runs thorough the streets of the land, desperately finding for a way to leave this world. They are then confronted by Mr. Hyde. However, due to Henry successfully convincing the people of New York to believe in the possibility of magic and to throw coins into a fountain believe to be magical by Henry, a portal opens up for the group. David,Mary Margaret, Hook, Zelena and the Groundsman jumps into the portal but it vanishes before Mr. Hyde gets to it. Following the opening of the portal in New York, Mr. Gold uses the opportunity to get to this land to get Belle back.

5 23 Back in Mr. Hyde's lab, while throwing a tantrum for not being able to get thorough the portal with the rest of the group, Mr. Gold shows up. As Mr. Gold threatens Mr. Hyde with death, he tells Mr. Gold that he knows a way to free Belle from the Sleeping Curse that she inflicted on herself. He proposes a deal with Mr. Gold. Some time later, thorough unknown means, he and some of his friends from this land travels to Storybrooke.

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