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2 05 Alphonse and his two sons, Gerhardt and Victor live in a realm without color. Gerhardt is a soldier and Victor is a scientific researcher. On Christmas, he gives Victor a commission to become an army physician. When his son refuses, Alphonse responds by cutting off the funding to Victor's projects.

Rumplestiltskin travels to this land and presents himself to Victor Frankenstein. He offers him a large pile of gold coins in exchange for scientific knowledge.

After his encounter with Rumplestiltskin, Victor goes to find a body to use for his experiments. While digging up bodies in a cemetery to aid his scientific research, a soldier comes to the cemetery and shoots his brother, Gerhardt, which kills him. Upon their father discovering this, he further disowns Victor and blames him for Gerhardt's death.

Rumplestiltskin reappears to Victor and strikes a deal with the doctor to get him a magical heart to use in Gerhardt in exchange for helping to break the heart of Regina. Victor travels to the Enchanted Forest with Jefferson and conducts an experiment in faking a failed resurrection of Regina's deceased true love, Daniel. For his good work, Rumplestiltskin procures a heart for him to use on Gerhardt.

2 12
2 05 Victor Frankenstein returns to his world and successfully uses the heart to bring Gerhardt back to life.
2 12 He introduces his father to the resurrected Gerhardt. Alphonse is pleased at first, but realizes the monster he brought back is not his beloved son. In anger, Alphonse attacks Victor, but Gerhardt beats his father to a bloody pulp in agitation. Coming to the conclusion the experimentation is a failure, Victor prepares to use a pistol gun to kill him. Gerhardt allows him to do so, but Victor cannot bring himself to do so and leaves his brother locked in the tower.
There is a gap until the Dark Curse is cast, long enough for a young Snow White to grow into an adult. When Regina casts the Dark Curse, Victor is taken to Storybrooke without his brother.

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