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Had an amazing two days on set working with the lovely Emma Booth!! Tune into ABC or CTV tonight to see my episode of Once Upon A Time!!
—Kyra Leroux src

Kyra Leroux is the Canadian actress who portrays Yarrow on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Kyra Leroux is an actress, singer and dancer. She began training in at the Vancouver-based Lindbjerg Academy musical theater at the age of 4 and landed her first professional theater role as Gracie Shinn in a local theater production of The Music Man. As a singer, she has performed onstage with the famous rock band Foreigner, sung the anthem at a Vancouver Canucks match and opened for the a cappella group The Nylons.[2]

In 2009, she had a minor role in the Psych episode Let's Get Hairy".[3] In 2018, she landed her first major role when she co-starred as the tree nymph Yarrow on Once Upon a Time. The very same year, she appeared in the TV movie Blurt[4] and the Six episode "Seesaw".[5]

In her sparetime, Kyra loves to read, hang out with her friends, and play board games with her parents and younger brother.[2]


  • Has two cats, Fluffy and Finnigan.[2]
  • Speaks excellent French and has participated in many French public speaking contests.[2]


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