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Tonight on ABC!!! 8/7c. Sophie Lowe and Kylie Rogers in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ep. "Who's Alice". Hope you all watch! 😘
—Kylie Rogers on Instagramsrc

Kylie Rogers is the American actress who portrays Millie on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


Kylie Rogers spent her early years in Dallas, Texas.[1] Early on, she showed an interest in acting, and her parents enrolled her in an acting school to hone her skills. Her teachers noticed her talent and suggested that her parents hired an agent for her, which they did. In 2012, the family relocated to Los Angeles to help their daughter launch a career.[2]

Kylie started her acting career at the eight of eight[2] when she appeared in an episode of the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives and the horror anthology film Horror House.[1] Her performances earned her the attention of producers, which lead to offers from television and films.[2]

In 2013, Kylie played Molly Godwin in an episode of the forensic crime drama television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.[2] Her first major film was the lead role of Sunshine in the 2014 science fiction black comedy Space Station 76,[2] starring Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler. In 2015, she appeared in the crime thriller film Mojave.[2] Other roles of notes include the 2015 drama film Fathers and Daughters and episodes of Mob City, Deadtime Stories, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the character of Sarah Nelson on Private Practice.[1]

Kylie is best known for her role as Minx Lawrence in the ABC science fiction series The Whispers[1] and starring as Anna Beam in the 2016 drama film Miracles from Heaven.[3] The movie recounts the true story of a girl who had a near-death experience and was cured of an incurable disease.

When she isn't acting, Kylie enjoys painting, riding her bike and hula hooping with friends.[2]



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