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Knubbin, also known as the Wizard, is a character featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fiction novel, Red's Untold Tale.


Before First Curse

Knubbin is a wizard, and he lives in a cabin in the woods, where bilberry bushes grow some distance away. He has a pet crow named Heathcliff, who likes crumpets. When Anita Lucas is a young girl, she seeks out Knubbin to stop her terrible and recurring dreams. He asks her if the dreams frighten her, but she admits it's actually not understanding the dreams that scares her. To help her demystify her dreams, Knubbin casts a spell on a gold cross pendant for her to wear. He cautions her that the pendant will intensify her dreams and possibly drive her to madness, but Anita assures him she is strong enough to handle whatever happens.[1]

Shortly after witnessing her husband's gruesome death, Anita's mother Widow Lucas comes to Knubbin for a magical cure to forget what she saw. He gives her a forgetting potion that wipes out her memories of how her husband died. Three years after this, Widow Lucas needs his help to protect her granddaughter from wolves during wolfstime. He cannot help her to the fullest unless she remembers everything the potion made her forget, so Widow Lucas agrees to let him bring back all her lost memories. To fulfill his end of the deal, Knubbin chooses a red cloak for Widow Lucas' granddaughter, because red repels wolves, and casts a spell on it. After gathering bilberries to make ink, Knubbin uses it to write "Wear this garment, fear not the wolf", on a piece of parchment that he attaches to the cloak, before giving it to Widow Lucas.[2]

When Red is sixteen, she tracks down Knubbin by finding the bilberry bushes and tempting Heathcliff into leading her to the cabin, with Peter accompanying her. At first glance, the disheveled wizard notices right away that Red bears a strong resemblance to Anita. On his terms, Knubbin asks Peter to wait outside in the garden while he speaks to Red, because only the person seeking the wizard can be present. Once he is alone with Red, Knubbin deciphers, without even asking her, that she has come to him about a problem that only occurs when the moon is full. He goes on to tell her about his meeting with Anita, and then with Widow Lucas, years ago. Red requests a magic salve to heal her grandmother, whose arm has a scar that causes her pain during wolfstime. Knubbin suspects the scar is a physical manifestation of the pain Widow Lucas holds in her heart from regaining her memories. As payment for the magic salve, Red offers him her money stash and a rhubarb pie. He is unimpressed by her coins, but she reasons that the money signifies the importance of her own future and her desire for adventure and happiness. Knubbin agrees to make a salve, and he asks her to come back tomorrow at noon for it.[3]

By the next day, Knubbin has finished making the salve, with the added note, "Rub salve on, feel pain not". He leaves the cabin and comes back to find Red waiting for him inside. Knubbin mentions putting finishing touches on a relocation spell to move elsewhere because "they" are coming, though he never states who is after him. There is still one last ingredient missing from the salve, a drop of water from Lake Nostos, which Knubbin asks Red to find on her own. Red only knows the lake from a fairytale and believes it's not a real-life location, though the wizard insists there is a nugget of truth in every story.[4]



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