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These toy soldiers. I could kill them all with a wave of my hand.
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The Knights of the Round Table is a group of characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They début in the first episode of the fifth season.

The Knights of the Round Table are based on the group of the same name from the Arthurian Legend.


Before First Curse

In Camelot, Arthur travels with Lancelot and Percival to find the sword in the stone after Merlin prophesies that Arthur is fated to become the realm's ruler by pulling out the sword. When Sir Kay beats them there, Arthur cautions him to not give into darkness since the sword doesn't belong to him. Having little belief in the prophecy, Sir Kay tries his hand at taking the sword out, only to be turned into ash by the sword's power. As Lancelot and Percival look on, Arthur succeeds in pulling out the sword, but strangely, the blade's tip is missing. Arthur momentarily panics over this, but he then decides to keep it a secret from the kingdom's people, and that all they need to know is he is now their king. ("The Dark Swan")

Arthur bestows the Round Table's Siege Perilous seat, which is only fit for a knight with the purest heart, to Lancelot, who is his most trusted friend. However, when Lancelot falls for Guinevere, Arthur's wife, he is banished out of Camelot by Arthur, with the Siege Perilous seat becoming vacant from then again. From this experience, Arthur comes to realize not only Lancelot was at fault for what transpired between the three of them, and he eventually changes his ways for Guinevere's sake. ("Siege Perilous")

Before Third Curse

Somewhere in the Enchanted Forest, King Arthur and his knights approach Emma and some of her allies. He informs them that a prophecy has foretold they will help reunite Camelot with Merlin, who is currently missing. King Arthur then leads them to his castle in Camelot. ("The Dark Swan")

Recognizing Regina as the Evil Queen who once massacred his whole village and left him as the sole survivor many years ago, Sir Percival attempts to exact revenge by taking her life during a Camelot ball. However, Robin Hood intervenes, with David eventually killing Percival. ("The Price")

When Regina, the prophesied savior, discovers a toadstool called the crimson crown may help them communicate with Merlin, David sets out to find it at the Forest of Eternal Night, with Arthur accompanying him. Unknown to David, Arthur sabotages the quest by secretly stealing the toadstool after David is attacked underwater by reanimated dead knights. Finding a common affinity with David after their adventures together, Arthur makes him a knight of the Round Table and bestows him the Siege Perilous seat. In an effort to calm her crying baby son, Mary Margaret goes out to the hallway, where she meets a still alive Lancelot, who warns her that Arthur is a villain. ("Siege Perilous")

After Third Curse

Known Knights of the Round Table


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