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This isn't any old key. This is the key to the land where all stories come to a screeching halt.
Rumplestiltskin to the Count of Monte Cristo src

Keys to the Land of Untold Stories are magical items featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the second episode of the sixth season.


Before First Curse

When Cinderella is still a child, she is told by her mother about a key to the Land of Untold Stories. Her mother owns one of these keys, however, Cinderella does not believe in magic. After her mother passes away, she keeps the key in a box in memory of her. ("The Other Shoe")

After discovering that ingesting Dr. Jekyll's Serum does not remove a person's ability to love, Rumplestiltskin punishes Mr. Hyde and, as a result, Dr. Jekyll by sending them to the Land of Untold Stories using one of these keys. ("Strange Case")

Not wanting the Evil Queen to have the Count of Monte Cristo poison Snow White and Prince Charming with Agrabahn Viper Poison, Rumplestiltskin poisons Charlotte, who the Count has become infatuated with, with the Agrabahn Viper Poison. While telling the Count of Monte Cristo that there is no cure for the poison, he suggests that Charlotte can be saved if the Count takes her to the Land of Untold Stories, where the poison's effects will be halted. Once the Count agrees, Rumplestiltskin uses a key to transport both of them to the Land of Untold Stories. ("A Bitter Draught")

After Rumplestiltskin allows Cinderella to attend the royal ball using magic, she falls in love with Prince Thomas but is convinced by Lady Tremaine that he actually loves her stepsister, Clorinda. Heartbroken and now believing in magic, Cinderella accepts Gus' suggestion that she use the key to go to the Land of Untold Stories, where she can have a fresh start but is stopped by Clorinda, who tells her the truth: Prince Thomas does love her, and the person Clorinda actually loves is his footman. Clorinda desires to run away with Jacob to escape her mother, who would never approve of the match, so Cinderella gives her the key so that she and her beau can have a new life together in the Land of Untold Stories. However, Lady Tremaine forces Cinderella to admit where Clorinda went and stabs Jacob before he and Clorinda can go through the door. When she sees that Cinderella and the prince are now engaged, she becomes frustrated that life of comfort and riches has been stolen from her in favor of Cinderella, and decides to use the key to travel to the Land of Untold Stories, where she intends to wait out time until she can come back to change things. Tremaine drags a hysterical Clorinda along into the portal with her; forcing her to leave Jacob behind. ("The Other Shoe")

During First Curse

Captain Nemo, believing he can steer Hook away from the path of vengeance, recruits the pirate to join him and Liam to search for a great treasure to a place known to them as the Mysterious Island. When they recover it from its chest, Hook is surprised to see it is merely a key, but Nemo explains that it will take them to the Mysterious Island, where they can move on from their searches for revenge. After Liam discovers that Hook is his half-brother who murdered their father, he attempts to kill him but accidentally stabs Nemo. As Nemo dies, Hook flees, and Liam uses the key to go to the Mysterious Island, actually the Land of Untold Stories, to stop Nemo from dying. ("Dark Waters")


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