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I play a bad to the bone, ruthless..... Frog..... #ribbit
—Kevin Ryan src

Kevin Ryan is the Irish actor who portrays Robert on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Ryan was born in Dublin, Ireland, raised in Ballinteer, Ireland. He comes from a family of stonecutters and as a young man, Ryan completed a stonecutting apprenticeship, but his own interests were in the dramatic arts. He later attended Terenure College.

Initially Ryan was a professional dancer, but decided to pursue acting. He moved to Hollywood, where he trained in the Stanislavski system of method acting. His most notable roles are Francis Maguire in the drama television series Copper, Finnegan in the drama series Crossbones and Patrick Ryan in the Freeform mystery drama series Guilt.

Ryan was voted one of Ireland's sexiest Irish men (he was voted #70 in Social & Personal's sexiest Irish men 2008 and voted #59 in 2009). He was married to actress Dedee Pfeiffer, the younger sister of Michelle Pfeiffer, from 2009 to 2012.


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