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Ken Kramer is the Canadian actor who portrays Bossy on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Ken Kramer is a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.[2] While working at the Theatre Centre in London,[3] he met his future wife, Sue Kramer, and together they founded the Globe Theatre in Regina, Saskatchewan, where Ken served as an artistic director from 1966 to 1990.[1]

In the beginning, the theater was a children's touring company, but later moved on to adult productions. Ken acted in or directed many of the Globe Theatre's productions, including Macbeth (1985), Cyrano de Bergerac (1986) and King Lear (1986). In 1990, he was awarded a Lifetime Award for Excellence in the Arts by the Saskatchewan Arts Board.[1]

He has played guest roles in TV shows like The X-Files, Psych, Fringe, Supernatural[4] and Altered Carbon,[5] and has appeared in movies such No Men Beyond This Point,[6] Helen,[7] Deck the Halls,[4] Interstate 60,[8] Hope Springs,[4] Stay Tuned[9] and Bingo.[10] He currently lives in Toronto, Canada.[1]


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