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This article focuses on the criminal case.
For the character, see Kathryn Nolan.

Mr. Gold: If you want to inflict pain... then you must inflict pain. If something tragic were to happen to David's wife, and if Mary Margaret should take the blame...
Regina Mills: She'd be ruined.
Mr. Gold: And you'd have your victory, at last.
Mr. Gold and Regina Mills src

The Kathryn Nolan Case is a criminal case featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the thirteenth episode of the first season.


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During First Curse

Individuals Involved


Suspects Reasons Status
David Nolan Kathryn's husband; last person known to have talked to her according to her phone records Found innocent
Mary Margaret Blanchard David's mistress; DNA found on the jewelry box containing a human heart Found innocent; framed
Regina Mills Hated Snow White's cursed persona; framed Sidney Glass to get away with the suspicions Culprit; unarrested
Mr. Gold Talked about a "little magic" right before Kathryn reappears Culprit; unarrested
Sidney Glass Used a microphone to spy on the sheriff's investigation on Regina's behalf; confessed the kidnapping Accomplice; fugitive


Victim Reason Status
Kathryn Nolan Was used by Regina as way to destroy David and Mary Margaret's happiness; used by Gold as leverage against Regina to eventually have the curse broken by Emma Found alive

Other Elements Involved

Element Reasons Status
Phone records Indicated David and Kathryn's last phone call Evidence
Yellow Bug Driven by Ruby to the Toll Bridge to search for evidence Vehicle
Jewelry box Contained a human heart; had Mary Margaret's fingerprints on it Evidence
Human heart Was tested as belonging to Kathryn Falsified
Knife Found in Mary Margaret's apartment with her fingerprints on it Evidence
Skeleton Keys Used by Henry Mills to prove that anyone could have entered the loft and leave the knife to frame Mary Margaret Evidence
Regina's shovel Used to bury the jewelry box Missing; replaced
Sidney's map Indicated the house where Kathryn was kept prisoner with her and Sidney's fingerprints on the chains Falsified evidence


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