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I mean, she was always my favorite growing up. She’s super bossy. And also, when I auditioned for the part, I didn’t know it was her, so when I found out I was like, "What!? Yesss!" I'm thrilled. I'm still so excited. I hope people like it.
—Kacey Rohl src

Kacey Rohl is the Canadian actress who portrays Megara on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Kacey Rohl was born on August 6, 1991[2][3] in Vancouver, British Columbia.[1] She is the daughter of television director Michael Rohl, and began studying acting when she was fourteen. Her mother, Jan Derbyshire, is a playwright and comedian who also works in the entertainment industry.

Kacey is best known for her roles as Sterling Fitch on the American crime drama The Killing, Prudence in the 2011 dark fantasy film Red Riding Hood, and Abigail Hobbs in the television series Hannibal.



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