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Last night on ‘Once Upon a Time’ playing Drizella’s fiancé, Prince Gregor! Even did my own stunt.
—Julian Haig src

Julian Haig is the Australian actor who portrays Prince Gregor on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Julian Haig was born on August 5[1] in the city of Melbourne, Australia[3] and grew up along the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.[4] His parents are Gillian Haig, an artist[5] and Russell Hagg, a designer and director.[6] He has one older sibling, Georgina.[6]

Haig had always dreamed of becoming an actor and after attending the master class of acting coach Larry Moss, he became addicted to learning the craft and soon attended a class at the 16th Street Melbourne acting studio.[4]

After relocating to Vancouver in British Columbia, Haig signed with KC Talent and soon found himself acquiring roles on television show such as Once Upon a Time, Lucifer, Arrow, The Arrangement and The Actress Diaries.[7] His most notable role came in the form of Elio on The CW's Riverdale.[8]

Besides a love for acting, Julian has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science a post graduate certificate in Strength and Conditioning. He believes in a holistic approach to health, fitness and well-being[3] and participates in crossfit and Olympic lifting.[2]



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