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I felt a lot of pressure, because it was definitely a character that I grew up with and I knew a lot of people loved those films, obviously, and I really wanted to do it justice. I looked at the whole spectrum, I looked back at the Disney films, and into the actual mythology, the Rock’s interpretation, even Ryan Gosling’s interpretation. Just to get pieces from each and see which tidbits I could grab. And I brought my own spin to it, while still trying to keep true to the Disney series.
—Jonathan Whitesell src

Jonathan Whitesell is the Canadian actor who portrays Hercules on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Jonathan Whitesell was born on Vancouver Island, Canada and lived in a small town called Duncan for seventeen years. His goal was to be a part of the Canadian Military, and in 2009, he enrolled into the armed forces. He then decided to become an actor and became a graduate of the Capilano University acting for stage and screen program. He is currently represented by Jamie Levitt at Lauren Levitt and Associates in Vancouver, B.C. Outside of acting Jon is engaged in writing, weight training, improv, sketch comedy, editing and visual effects.[1]

His first break into acting came in the form of TNT's Proof, before moving onto such projects as iZombie and The X-Files. Recently, he starred as Bryan on the The CW's post-apocalyptic drama, The 100 and as Luke Matthews on Freeform's drama series, Beyond. In 2019, Whitesell recurred as Kurtz on The CW's Riverdale.[3] In 2020, he will recur as Robin in part three of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.[4]



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