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Cora: You took my heart, my virtue, my good name.
Jonathan: I took? You practically forced it into my hands when you thought that I was a prince.
Cora and Jonathan src

Jonathan is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the eighteenth episode of the third season. He is portrayed by guest star David de Lautour, and it is currently unknown if he has a Storybrooke counterpart.


Before First Curse

Jonathan, a gardener of the royal estate of Prince Leopold, frequents a tavern where a bar maid named Cora catches his eye. To woo her, he falsely presents himself as a prince by "accidentally" letting Cora get a glimpse of a handkerchief with the royal crest on it. Jonathan proposes to her, which she happily accepts, though he is due to leave soon on a trip. He promises to return, in two weeks' time, and exchange the straw proposal ring he gave her for a gold one. Before he departs, Cora consents to consummating the "marriage" with him. After two months, she tracks him down at the royal estate only to discover the truth about who he really is. Cora informs him of her pregnancy and warns that he must give financial support so she and the child can live well, but he couldn't care less about her situation. Jonathan frees himself of the demands by knocking her over; prompting Cora to shout for help, but he makes a speedy getaway. After learning Cora is engaged to Prince Leopold, he turns the tables on her by asking for riches or else everyone will know of their previous relationship as well as her current pregnancy. Before Cora can fulfill the deal, Princess Eva, Prince Leopold's intended prior betrothal, overhears the conversation. Once the truth reaches Prince Leopold, he breaks off the engagement and casts Cora out. ("Bleeding Through")


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  • Jonathan and Cora never married



  • "Jonathan" means "loyal, generous, handsome individual, who is without a doubt the very best person to love".[1]