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The kingdom needs you more than ever. They will find strength through your goodness.
—Johanna to Snow White src

Johanna is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the fifteenth episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest star Lesley Nicol.


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Before First Curse

Johanna is the personal maid of Queen Eva and as such is close to both her and her daughter, Snow White. On Snow White's birthday celebration day, Johanna tries on Snow White's tiara and poses while wearing it in the mirror on top of Eva's bureau. The mother-daughter pair walk in on her and Johanna quickly takes the tiara off, apologizing to Eva and Snow White. However, Snow White scolds Johanna for wearing the tiara and says that servants should not wear crowns. Disappointed, Eva reprimands her daughter for saying such things, as it does not matter if one is a servant or royal, since everyone deserves love and respect. As Johanna looks on, Snow White happily tries on the tiara, which is interrupted by Eva suddenly collapsing. Johanna goes to fetch the doctor, though a diagnosis is inconclusive. The doctor advises Johanna to call for King Leopold so he may be by his wife's side. Later, she takes Snow White out of the room once Eva begins having a coughing fit. To help ease the princess' worries about her mother's deteriorating health, Johanna recommends Snow White to try summoning Eva's magical mentor and adviser, the Blue Fairy, by wishing on a blue star.

The plan fails when Snow White is unable to follow through with the Blue Fairy's insistence of using dark magic to save Eva's life. Shortly after Snow White confesses all this to her mother, Eva passes away peacefully. The day after, Johanna helps Snow White prepare for the public funeral by putting on the tiara. At the ceremony, Johanna is present in the audience as Snow White kneels by her mother's side and grieves. After the service is over and everyone else is long gone, Johanna comes to take Snow White away.

For an unknown time after Eva's death, King Leopold goes on a long journey of traveling from land to land with his knights and daughter in tow. Johanna watches over Snow White during a short rest break between the travels. Snow White is tired of always moving from one place to the next, but Johanna promises her father's wanderings will end someday. She watches in horror as the princess's riding horse suddenly goes awry and barrels away through the forest as Snow White is unable to regain control. ("The Queen Is Dead")

After First Curse

Like many of the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest, Johanna is brought to Storybrooke, Maine once the Dark Curse is cast. She lives there quietly and under the radar, until she finds Snow White's tiara in Mr. Gold's shop. She buys the tiara and sends it to Mary Margaret on her birthday, along with a little note. Mary Margaret receives this and then goes to find Johanna planting snowdrop flowers outside of her home in honor of Mary Margaret's mother, the former Queen Eva, who passed away on one of Mary Margaret's birthdays. As the two reminisce about the past, Johanna holds Mary Margaret's hand and sympathetically remarks that she misses Eva too. Suddenly, Mary Margaret hears something in the forest and urges Joanna to stay behind while she goes to investigate.

After Mary Margaret and David find Mr. Gold's dagger in the clock tower, they are confronted by Cora and Regina who are looking to retrieve the dagger to control Mr. Gold. Mary Margaret refuses to hand over the dagger, to which Cora and Regina summon Johanna to their side to use her as leverage. Regina rips Johanna's heart out and threatens to kill her unless Mary Margaret gives her the dagger. During this, Cora reveals to Mary Margaret that she was responsible for Eva's death and that she appeared in the guise of the Blue Fairy to advise Snow all those years ago in the Enchanted Forest. Mary Margaret is consumed with rage and hatred but still does not give up the dagger, prompting Regina to continue squeezing Johanna's heart. Johanna tries to assure Mary Margaret that it is all right, but the latter's resolve finally breaks, causing her to forfeit the dagger. After Regina puts Johanna's heart back inside her body, Johanna hurries over to David and Mary Margaret. Before Johanna makes it to Mary Margaret, Cora hurls her out of the glass clock face, killing her as her body lands on the pavement below. As Cora teleports away, an inconsolable Mary Margaret sobs. Later, Mary Margaret has Johanna's body buried in the town cemetery, and over the grave, she plants a snowdrop flower to commemorate Johanna. It is Johanna's death that leads Mary Margaret to the conclusion that the only way to stop Cora is to kill her before she harms any more people. ("The Queen Is Dead")


Production Notes

  • Her casting call name was "Edith".[1]
  • The casting call describes her as, "50, kind, and serves a wealthy family whose members think of her as one of their own, and to whom she's very loyal."[1]


  • According to the return address on the back of the envelope, Johanna's house number 42.[2] 42 is the sixth and final Lost number. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Props Notes

  • The birthday card Mary Margaret receives from her, reads "Thinking of you today. Johanna".[2] A snowdrop is pictured on the back of the card;[3] the same flower that was used as decorations on Snow White's birthday.[4] ("The Queen Is Dead")
    • According to the return address on the back of the envelope, Johanna lives on 42 Langdon Street.[2]
    • According to a set of letter props created for "The Shepherd", Mary Margaret also lives on Langdon Street; her street number is 3–316.[5] In the episode, Mary Margaret can be seen opening one of the letters, but most of the address is too blurry to read.[6]


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